If you are always exceeding or underutilizing your regular data allocation, you might need to consider M1 data plans. As one of the major telcos in Singapore, M1 offers a wide range of communication services like fiber broadband, mobile connections, and fixed-line connections. Since customer needs and expectations are ever-changing, M1 sim-only plans have strategically developed a base bundles plan with great personalization and exceptional flexible features. You can customize your plan by adjusting roaming data, call minutes, and extracellular data.

Best Value Data

The M1 sim-only plans are among the company’s Bespoke plans providing great personalization flexibilities to users. It has some of the best value data plans, including 40 GB for $ 19.95 monthly, where you get a thousand SMS, a thousand minutes of talk time, and unlimited weekend 12 months data.

It also has a 60 GB + 5 Go Booster at $ 45.95 monthly, where you get the same data as the 40 GB plan but with a 5 Go Plus Booster Pack going free for your first three months and extra 25 GB data. Additionally, you can also get free three months caller number display with a free $ 10 talk time and an SMS plan free for twelve months when you choose M1.

Freedom to Choose

The M1 SIM-only plans give you the freedom of choice, which you might not get with contracts. It allows you to focus on attaining the mobile data plan suitable for your needs. You can decide on the balance of our talk time, SMS text, and mobile data. It also allows you to get the best offers at different times, which would not be the case with a contract that limits you for a certain period.


Customers end up paying more when on phone contracts than on SIM-only plans. Getting the M1 SIM-only plans means you will only pay for what you need and not incur additional costs for unnecessary data. This makes the plan generally cheaper compared to traditional mobile plan bundles saving you money to buy more useful data when the need arises.

Key Features

The M1 SIM-only plans have key features that you should understand their benefits. First, they have no fixed contract terms meaning you get to be flexible with your data choices. Being locked in a fixed contract would mean using a particular plan for a certain period regardless of your unique needs.

M1 SIM-Only Plans

Secondly, the plans are fully personalized, meaning you can customize your plan based on your specific usage and needs. You can choose the data, SMS, and talk time of your choice. Lastly, but not least, the plans are completely flexible, meaning you can change your plan anytime you want.

One-Time Fee

Registering for M1 SIM-only plans is free, and the only payments you have to make once delivery fee for your SIM card. This is cheaper considering it has added advantages for new users, such as a caller number display. You will enjoy a three-month free caller number display. The plan will also include free unlimited weekend data for the next twelve months after your purchase.

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If you wish to switch to a SIM-only plan, you can consider M1 data plans. You can get in touch with the M1 team to understand how you can design a SIM-only plan that only fits your needs. Enjoy the exclusive promotions that come with the M1 SIM-only plans, such as free SOM Card delivery, free flow weekend data, and free caller number display.

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