Deep linking

With the competition increasing at a rapid speed, it has become quite important for every business to identify new ways to stay ahead of their competitors. That is where deep linking can help you out. It is a simple but effective method that will optimize your efforts. This article will see what deep linking is and why it is important in app development.

What is Deep Linking?

Deep linking is a strategy that allows marketers to direct their mobile visitors to a particular page within an app, such as a product or a promotion page. Typically, a deep link differs from a regular link, which usually takes consumers to the app’s homepage or its browser version.

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About Mobile Deep Linking

You can include deep links in a variety of places, such as social media sites, emails, advertisements, SMS, and web pages. For instance, a retailer can write a social media post for a product that links to that product’s page in the app. Push notifications can also include deep links that take users right to a new feature of the app.

Why is Deep Linking Important in App Development?

There are many ways mobile deep linking can help the users in app development:

Enhanced user experience

Since everyone values their time, that is why users will prefer an app that allows them to locate a certain page in fewer steps than one that requires numerous ones.

That is where deep linking can be of use. It enhances the user experience by providing a better user interface and a faster route to a given destination. With the help of deep linking from places like AppsFlyer, your app will have a great first impression on the users.

Helps in identifying active users

The most difficult task many people face during app development is getting users to download your app among a sea of them. There are a huge number of people that download the app but never use it. With the help of contextual deep-linking, you will be able to add a sign-up feature into the app development process.

This feature will help in the identification of active users rather than just app installers. You might have figured out that simply increasing the number of app downloads will not increase your company’s growth rate; rather, a contextual deep linking will help more.

Increases revenue

Contextual deep linking can boost the app’s ROI by directing app traffic straight to the in-app point. App developers can use deep linking to make a purchase by building a shortcut in order to get access to the in-app offers.

When the app developers use deep linking correctly in accordance with the events, it will help them generate higher revenue. With the help of a direct deep-link, you can also advertise the app content to the specific product page on the user activity feed. This allows the user to purchase a product without having to look for it on the app.

If you want to make your mobile app experience seamless for the user and increase your revenue, deep linking is a vital tool.

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