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Why is PR Required for Tourism?

Public relations is integral for many tourism companies since tourism plays a major role in local and national economies. PR agencies have media connections that help travel industries by bringing in credibility which builds a positive brand image and reputation. 

PR agencies focus on travel, destinations, hotels and restaurants, and other tourism-related aspects like sightseeing. They manage these aspects through tools such as articles, brochures, and social media. The social media part is managed through reviews and feedback from clients which impact the tourism industry directly.

Tourism PR Strategies

  • Social Media Campaigns

With everything becoming digital, an online presence is very important for any business. For tourism, this means developing websites and apps to book their trips including hotels and flight tickets. This also means sharing posts on Instagram or Facebook on the destination which entices other viewers to receive the same services.

  • Website Optimisation

This means that the official website should be easily accessible and of high quality for users and visitors to learn more about your business. This is done through SEO and providing information in the native language of the target market. 

  • References

This includes a strategic PR campaign that contains information on important details which make it easier to answer media inquiries, interviews, and comment opportunities. Consistent interaction is crucial and relying on recommendations by previous customers and influencers really boost revenue and brings customers in. 

  • Partnership and Collaborations

This one is a no-brainer. Travel agents partner with tourism professionals who help promote their brand through their experiences, destinations, products, and services. Much like PR packages for fashion and beauty brands, tourism companies include special services in their PR packages for their clients such as touristic products, services, advice, and special offers.

Types of Media in Tourism PR

Editorials are liked by tourism businesses due to the credibility and presentation factors which include a lot of journalists and opportunities for their business to be talked about e.g. promotional articles about hotels and resorts, flights, etc online and in magazines.

Press conferences are another beneficial source of media for tourism companies. There is a slight drawback though since reporters often tend to ask questions out of the ordinary which may catch travel agents off guard. They have the power to make special announcements and have personalized real-time events. 

Product launches by other companies or famous people are also popular and a promotional opportunity for tourism companies. This is done through opening parties, seminars, festive parties, etc with a lot of influential guests, potential investors, and media documenting everything. Often such parties are aired on live television which benefits tourism a lot. 

Tourism PR Agencies 

  1. GlobalCom PR Network- This tourism PR agency is an international team of PR experts who assist with the creation and delivery of PR campaigns and maintenance, development, and management of media relationships and have worked with top hotel chains such as Holiday Inn, Hilton, Shangri La and more.
  2. Value 360- This Indian tourism PR agency works with luxury travel, online travel, and hotel booking sites. Formed in 2003, they offer services such as digital media promotion, investor and analyst relationships, and crisis communications. 

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