Being one of the most controversial issues among people, gambling is always the basis for disputes. Gamble games have been practiced since ancient times. However, the question concerning its legalization is very acute for many counties.

Gambling is not just a way of entertainment. People regard it in terms of morals, religion, and social standards. That’s why the attitude towards gambling is different in various countries. Here comes the issue of legalization. The mentality and beliefs of people influence their opinion concerning gambling games and define whether their legalization has more pros than cons.

Today, we will speak about countries where gambling hasn’t been legalized yet.

Where is Gambling Legal?

Modern governments become more tolerant of gambling. Such activity is extremely popular among people. Even when illegal, gambling is still practiced underground. And in this case, it brings even more problems. Thus, more governments today decide to legalize the industry and take it under control.

Let’s consider a few countries, where punters can legally gamble: 

Part of the world Details
Europe There’re many countries, where gambling is regulated by law. Certain countries require obtaining a permit to organize a gaming facility or a website. The others allow such venues to work with one of the reliable permits, for instance, UKGC. Examples of countries with legalized gambling are Germany, Spain, Finland, the UK, etc.
The USA The situation with gambling is different in various states. There’re those, where both land-based and Internet casinos are legal. The most liberal states are Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.
Asia This part of the world is known for the people’s passion for gambling. Just look at Macao, which is called an Asian Vegas. There’re dozens of gaming facilities in different Asian countries – Thailand, Japan, China, etc. However, the industry is partially allowed, so certain forms of gambling are still forbidden. Nevertheless, the market is ruled by the authorities.
Australia and Oceania In Aussie land, land-based gaming venues are officially allowed. There’re many glamorous gambling houses, which attract thousands of tourists every year. The situation with Internet gambling is different. It’s completely forbidden by the Interactive Gambling Act. At the same time, gaming platforms based outside Australia are not forbidden.


Certain countries allow gambling just partially. The others don’t allow even Internet platforms to be based on their territory. An example is Australia. At the same time, punters can still enjoy the best online casinos in Australia, which are located outside the country.

Reasons not to Legalize Gambling

There’re many countries across the globe where gambling and iGaming aren’t legal. First of all, we can say that the reason lies in morality. Many people (and authorities) consider such an activity to be sinful. Nevertheless, there’s no confession in the world, which claims that gambling is actually a sin. That’s why let’s observe a few more reasonable motives not to legalize the issue:

  • The absence of measures, which can provide the protection of gamblers (on various levels)
  • The lack of money to develop the measures described above and the system of control
  • The risks of the crime rate growth
  • The development of a serious problem with obsessive gambling
  • The risks of spreading underage gambling
  • The unwillingness of both government and society.

The majority of the described reasons are based on one simple fact – the government isn’t willing to develop a system of control, create the controlling bodies, and start regulating gambling. With the right approach, the country might get much more benefits from legalized gambling, such as:

  • It will allow getting rid of underground gambling. Such practices lead to awful consequences. Punters lose their money, property, families, and even lives. Control from the authorities can prevent such situations.
  • It will help reach social benefits. Many table games involve more than one punter. As a result, it might become a nice basis for team recreation.
  • It will bring appreciable benefits to the economy. When the industry becomes legalized, the representatives (operators and sometimes, even winners) are to pay taxes. Thus, the country’s budget can become bigger and be spent on various areas of life.
  • It helps create more jobs. New gambling venues will officially hire people and pay them. Thus, it will decrease the unemployment rate.

Where is Gambling Illegal?

The number of countries with illegal gambling tends to become smaller. However, such states still exist. Let’s observe several locations, where any gambling practice is considered a crime:

  • North Korea. It’s a very conservative country. According to the law, any kind of Internet and traditional gambling is strictly forbidden. However, the restrictions concern only the residents of the country. Gambling is allowed for tourists.
  • Cyprus. It’s interesting that this country actually offers a gambling permit for Internet casinos. However, it’s strictly forbidden to provide such services to the residents. Only sports betting is legal to practice online.
  • The UAE. The majority of Islamic countries are very strict towards anything that can be categorized as libertinism. And gambling isn’t an exception. Any form of gambling is prosecuted in the country, so punters can even go to jail. What concerns Internet casinos, there’re no regulations on them. Thus, it’s a sort of gray zone.
  • Cambodia. The negative attitude toward gambling is formed historically in this country. Thus, all forms of activity are banned. The only exception concerns tourists or non-residents. They can visit a few gaming facilities, which offer their services. Besides, there’re several government-sponsored lotteries offered.
  • Qatar. This country is the strictest of all the existing ones. Any type of gambling is prohibited, including sports betting. The outcome is predictable – people actively practice underground gambling. Internet gambling is also illegal. However, certain punters still manage to use international gambling platforms.


The legalization of gambling is a wide and rational solution for the majority of countries. Nevertheless, there’re countries with very severe laws concerning the issue. Experts claim that the legalization of the industry across the globe is just a matter of time because there’re many benefits from such a decision. Follow the latest news in the gambling market and wait for reforms.

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