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Today, mobile games have become an essential part of our lives, for both the young and old.

In fact, a study by NewZoo indicated that over 50% of all gaming revenue is via mobile gaming. bingo apps and games with microtransactions are some of the biggest contributors.

That equates to a north of $70 billion in 2018 alone. The figure is expected to increase in the years to come. 

Therefore, it is clear that mobile gaming is big today. This shift can directly be linked to the new perspective on gaming. 

Gaming was once considered as an activity to escape from reality. However, today it is considered a mainstream activity and one that people do on a daily basis. Even within mobile gaming, it is online gaming that is proving to be the most popular. The quick pace, ability to interact and play with friends are key reasons for this.

It’s also overall a fun, enjoyable experience. 

Recent years have also seen graphically advanced online games such as Genshin Impact making their way to smartphones. Consumers can also play innovative games like Candy Crush on their smartphones. 

The evolution of graphics and quality in mobile gaming is becoming even more enhanced by the day.

Therefore, it is glaringly evident that mobile phones will soon be the most sought-after platform for gaming in the future. 

Another reason for the rise in mobile gaming is the overall popularity of mobile entertainment. Apps like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Spotify are now staples on all smartphones.

The smartphone has proven to be a necessity in life and an option to fall back on for almost anything. With advanced features, it is not surprising that people have begun to use it as a gaming platform too.

Moreover, many pick up mobile games as a way to pass time. Whether it is during the lunch break or during the daily commute, online mobile games offer an easy escape.

The gaming trend has had major impacts on all types of gaming but some, more than others. Forming a complete sub-category, the virtual gambling market is one such industry. 

Casino games such as blackjack, poker, and bingo – the most in-demand gambling game – have all taken off. These games now have their own demographic that plays regularly.

Bingo in particular has seen rapid success after the growth in online mobile gaming. Bingo’s model and options make it perfect for online mobile gaming.

Here are some reasons why that’s the case.

The main reason is the ease of playing a game. Players don’t need to wait for a weekly TV broadcast or schedule a bingo night.

Instead, they can log in and instantly find hundreds of bingo games with zero hassle. The process takes place rapidly and unlike an actual bingo room, the numbers are crossed out automatically. 

After all, the faster the process, the more money you win!

Online bingo also boasts a number of options. Favorites such as 75-ball and 90-ball are now only a few clicks away.

In addition, most top websites offer more challenging yet compelling variations such as Joker Bingo or Speed Bingo. The former is played using numbered balls and the latter with a 9×9 grid instead of the customary grid. 

Much like any other game, bingo too has been influenced by some of the most prominent movies, characters, and musicians. In addition, new and uniquely-themed bingo games make their way into the market on a regular basis. 

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While the variations and rooms may differ between websites, there is no denying that online bingo is riveting and entertaining. Below are some of the more popular themed bingo games.

  • Crystal Maze Bingo: This is a 90 ballroom. Players can use tokens and there is a Crystal Dome Bonsu Round
  • X-Factor Bingo: Based on the popular reality show, players can start from just 50 pennies and win a jackpot.
  • Love Island Bingo: Also based on a popular British reality show, the game follows a simple 90 ball. The show’s theme song plays in the background.
  • Got Talent Bingo: Players stand to win up to 6 bonus prizes thanks to Starstruck games that take place every thirty minutes.

In the early days, mobile games suffered from a lack of innovation or drive. Developers would put out cheap imitations and poorly optimized games hoping for a quick buck. 

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Fortunately, the situation’s different now. The shorter development stage, cheaper production cost, and easily available player base have changed the approach.

Console gaming requires a substantially larger capital investment, hence appeals to a comparatively smaller customer base. With many people looking for a way to pass time on the ago, mobile gaming has a larger audience at hand.

As a result, developers can make a larger profit on mobile games as long as they provide a quality experience. Bingo operators have taken this approach with well-thought-out games and UIs as well as seamless playing experiences.

In time to come, the mobile gaming industry is bound to grow significantly. The fast-growing audience base and the tech packed in smartphones will be the driving force for it.

The good news is that more and more gaming studios are focusing and investing in mobile gaming. With this, the trajectory of mobile gaming and designing could completely shift in years to come.

By that time, we can expect solutions for typical issues such as attention spans and limited time constraints. Also, any hardware limits on smartphones or connectivity issues should all be a thing of the past by then.

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