What size header for 10 foot span

What size header for 10 foot span, In the world of construction and design, the header is defined as the beam structure placed over the opening that bolsters the structural load with its strength for safe construction.

Headers are sometimes denoted as a lintel in the constructional jargon, so if a merchant does not know what is header, then remember lintel. Also, this way can help you in cutting the prices as it creates the impression that you are very well aware of the thing you are about to buy. For instance, if you want to buy a header for an entrance that is 10 feet long, then this article is just right for you! We will discuss what size header for 10 foot span of construction. 

General uses of headers in homes, What size header for 10 foot span?

Before getting to know about the dimensions and the specifications of the header, I believe it is pivotal to know their applications for proper usage and implementation. By knowing the accurate uses of the header, the buyer can easily understand what size header for 10 foot span is required. The header is a popular component in wood-frame construction, as the headers are used to fortify the hanging regions of the upper building portions. 

The headers are classified based on the metal on which they are made, and they are solid, laminated, and engineered lumber, and wood I-Beam. In the field of engineering mechanics, the wooden I-Beams are considered to be the strongest holding wooden structure, the ‘I’ shape of the beam, with a wide base and head it dissipates the force impacted on it equally. Now let us discuss what size header for 10 foot span is necessary.  

So, what size header for 10 foot span is required? 

The dimensional requirements depend on two factors – supporting provided on the header and the depth level of the house. 

Without an attic

If there is not much weight is to be applied above the header, which means the house is without an attic then for depth of the house between 32 and 44 feet with 10 feet span requires a 1.75’’X11.25’’ inches long header is required in double layer. And for the depth of house between 18 and 22 feet the header size required is 1.75’’X9.25’’ inches double layered. 

With one floor above

If the house is to put the weight of a floor above the header, then for the house of depth between 18 and 28 feet, the header size required will be 1.75’’X11.25’’ inches long, double-layered. 

With two floors above

When the house is to put the weight of two floors above the header, then for the house of depth between 28 and 40 feet requires a header in the size of 1.75’’X14’’ inches double layer.

So the proper specifications for what size header for 10 foot span is required are answered. 

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