Pre-Sales training is something that is often ignored, which may cause huge losses for a company. Pearl lemon’s Pre-Sales training course is an easy solution for the problems your company might be facing in the sales.

Pre-Sales are often ignored as the companies feel it is an unnecessary expense. That is not true. Pre-Sales training courses are as important as the actual training courses for sales. The people who don’t know what pre-sales actually are, let me tell you. Pre-Sales is something that is required before you give a sales pitch to a client or a customer.

Pre-Sales includes doing research about the client and their needs, validation, preparation, and lead nurturing. Usually, the pre-sales team and the sales team are different and the pre-sales team is the one who does the research, and once they are thorough with the research and the validation they pass it onto the sales team so they can handle it further.

Ignoring the pre-sales team may cause you bigger problems. Every company should invest in a proper Pre-Sales training course for their staff and stop thinking of it as just an expense. That is because improper research will lead to disappointing results.

Let me give you an example. When a team decides to shoot a film in a particular location, they do a recce of the location. Seeing the weather, the locations, props that are available there, the space, and the area of the location. Doing that saves them time during the shoot and saves the producer a lot of money.

 What if they don’t do that? They will lose more money as it will take more time figuring out how to shoot and where to shoot.  The sales are also the same. When you are not prepared the client itself won’t trust you as you have not researched it properly. This is where the Pre-Sales training course comes into use. 

To get a client who fully trusts you and invests their money in you, you need to lay the groundwork for it.  This part is quite important as it helps you build a good rapport with the clients and a successful sale. Doing the research helps you determine what is the requirement and how the product the service you are providing can help the client.

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What is the process of pre-sales?

The Pre-Sales training course helps you get familiarised with the process of pre-sales and helps you to become expert in it. The course helps you to know the agenda of the pre-sales. 

The major process of the pre-sales are:

  • Product research
  • Market research and analysis
  • Data and customer analysis
  • Preparing call scripts
  • Identifying solutions to the clients needs and objections
  • Creating unique selling proposition
  • Sales pitches

The main process of the pre-sales is to provide a well researched market analysis so that you can ace that sales pitch for the client. A well-oiled pre-sales improves the sales performance and that’s why it is necessary to have an expert pre-sales team. Hence the Pre-Sales training course helps the companies in getting that team that will improve the overall sales of the company.

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