Correspondence Address Meaning

What is Correspondence Address Meaning: A Correspondence Address is a temporary address where you want to receive your postal mail etc. It can be same as your permanent address or different from it.

A correspondence address is where you send and receive all mail items.

Difference between Residential and the Correspondence Address?

A residential address is your permanent address where you are living a minimum of 183 days out of 365 days in Year and a Correspondence address is a temporary address where you go for vacations etc. A correspondence address is a temporary address where you need correspondence sending or any other postal mails etc.

Is a Residential Address can be a Correspondence Address?

Yes, a Residential Address can be your Correspondence Address. A correspondence address is the address of a family member or someone you know where correspondence from official bodies can be sent. So you can use your Residential Address as a correspondence address.

What should I write in Correspondence address?

It will consist of

  • For a REFERRAL REQUEST, a contact address is specifically for that referral
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  1. Question: What is Correspondence Address Meaning?
    A Correspondence Address is a temporary address where you want to receive your postal mail etc.
  2. Question: What are the types of correspondence?
    1. Internal Correspondence
    2. External Correspondence
    3. Sales Correspondence
    4. Personalized Correspondence
    5. Circulars.
  3. Question: What is local address and permanent address?
    Local address is address of your local area or the city or county where your home address is situated. A permanent address is the address of your house where you are living it cotains your local address also.

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