Huh, all those questions that keep us awake at night… Who built the pyramids, how did they manage to set up the stones in Stonehenge, why do we still change the clocks twice a year, how some bettors know a certain team will upset favorites and take the money on online bookmakers ranked by the popularity in each country (such as the best South African bookmakers, etc.), are there more living beings in space and, of course, the most important thing is – what logic is used to make the order of people watching our Stories… 

Okay, we joke a bit, but still – what does the order of people watching your Instagram Stories mean?

It Has Nothing to Do With the Moment Someone Looks at Your Story

We realized (hopefully, you did, too) a long time ago that this order has nothing to do with the moment someone looks at our Story, but questions still remain – why is the guy/girl we like in the first five people? Does he/she often look at our profile? Does Instagram know something we don’t know, ie. does he/she know we like him/her? 

Can this social network look to the future because, if it can, we like what it sees? If our ’enemies’ often go to the top of the list, does that mean they are stalking us and following our every step? If our crush drops to the bottom of the list, does that mean he/she doesn’t visit our profile anymore?

When You Post, You Want to Influence…

In addition, we often publish a photo with the intention of provoking a reaction. We ’accidentally’ eat at a restaurant he/she likes, ’accidentally’ post parts of his/her favorite song, ’accidentally’ quote his/her favorite book. And then, when we see that he/she looked at our Story, we will be happy that we have fulfilled our mission. However, when we now see all these words so clearly, written with the intention of giving a meaningful sentence, we see that it does not make any sense at all. We definitely have too much free time…

But now really, joke aside. We all put certain content on social networks with the intention of making a social impact in some way. Not to say to influence. If it weren’t so, we would keep for ourselves all those photos that we work so hard for. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that we are interested in what impact our content had, and especially on whom. In this text, we bring you an explanation of Instagram’s algorithm and the answer to all the questions you have… except to the question of whether your crush likes you. That is because he/she doesn’t know that either…

Are Your Instagram Followers Ranked According to Whether They Like You?

We are sure the answer to the question from the subtitle you want to hear is: Please God, they are… Here’s the thing. In the same way that photos appear on our Feed (based on who we had the most interactions with), people who watch our Stories are also ranked. Unlike the older days of Instagram, when photos on the Feed appeared chronologically.

The people who appear on that list are not the people who ’stalk’ you the most. No, the list of people is actually based on your activity and the people you are closest to. There are many deciding factors here. For example, whether you visit their profiles, whether you like their photos on the Feed, whether you comment on them, and whether you view their Stories. It also depends on how often you check the list of people who have viewed your Stories. If you check multiple times during the day, the algorithm will try to show you a whole new group of people, to get new information every time you look at the list.

Can the Algorithm Be Manipulated?

Instagram, as we said, is no longer the same app as it was more than 10 years ago and parts of that app like Feed, Explore, and Reels have their own algorithms that are tailored to users, or how they use them. People tend to watch Story posts from their closest friends, but want to discover completely new things in the Explore option. Instagram ranks things differently in different parts of the app, based on how people use them. This means that the Feed and Story algorithms will mainly focus on the posts of the people you follow. With information such as „what is posted“, „who posted it“ and „user preference“, the application searches for ’signals’. 

These are the signals that Instagram uses in order of importance:

  • Post information: These are signals that show how popular the post is (how many people have indicated they like the post) and it shows more everyday information about the content itself, such as when it was posted, how long the video lasts (if the post is video), location of the post and whether something is attached to it (profile of another person, etc…).
  • Information of the author of the post: This data helps Instagram determine how interesting one person is to another user, it contains signals that indicate how many times those two people have interacted in the past few weeks.
  • Your activity: The information gathered helps them understand your interests more easily and includes information about how many posts you have liked, as well as what those posts are.
  • Your interaction with someone: This data shows how much the user is interested in seeing a particular person’s posts. Instagram, for example, checks to see if you have commented on their posts, as well as if those users have commented on your posts.

How can you manipulate the algorithm, that is, to see on the Feed the posts you want to see? With options like Close Friends.

  • Select Close Friends. You can do this by opening your profile, then clicking on the three lines in the upper right corner to open a new window with the Close Friends option.
  • With the Mute option, you can neutralize other users’ posts without blocking them. Visit their profile and next to the Next option there is an arrow pointing down, click on it and select the Mute option.
  • Mark the post as Not Interested.

Whether these revelations have disappointed you or not, you should still consider that, instead of looking for your ’stalkers’, you wonder…  Aren’t you maybe those stalkers…?

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