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There are billions of people worldwide using smartphones. Many of them are downloading apps for Android or iOS at this moment. If you have a great idea for an app, these are all potential customers. But to capitalize on a great idea, you must connect with a top app developer. 

So, how do you select one? A quick search online may show many app makers vying for your attention. Here are some key signs of a top app development team that can take your project to the next level.

App Developer Have an Impressive Portfolio 

Check the developer’s portfolio. Most modern app development companies offer a select list of completed projects on their website. Partner with a team that can develop native apps, hybrid apps, and web apps for different industries, including yours. 

They Are Your Partners 

Work with a mobile app development company like Guarana Technologies that treats you like a partner, working with you through multiple steps:

  • Market: They identify the initial concept and the application’s objective by working closely with you to develop a clear outline of their application and platform.  
  • Design: The developers get to work by creating the best components for the application based on a foundation of quality and efficiency. They create a visual guide called the wireframe and take it from there.
  • Development: The best developers provide end-to-end service to ensure the process is seamless as possible. Every time they add new features, they test the app thoroughly to mitigate the risk of nasty bugs. 
  • Launch: A top app developer doesn’t disappear after launching the software. They continue to monitor user feedback, complete further testing, and perform maintenance to maximize your app’s impact. 

App Developers have Mastered Different Programming Languages

Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t a “best” programming language. That’s because not every programming language works for every platform. While some are good for native apps for specific operating systems, others are usable for hybrid apps that work on multiple platforms. 

Your app developer should know the language of your platform. For example, their team should be skilled and experienced with Swift in order to develop apps for Apple’s mobile devices like the iPhone or iPad. Likewise, they should know Java or JavaScript for Android applications. 

Ultimately, your product should benefit greatly from a top app developer’s cutting-edge knowledge and culminating experience.  

They Offer Multiple Development Services

Nowadays, the best app developers offer multiple development services. In addition to developing high-quality apps for iOS or Android, your app developers should also offer:

  • Web Apps: Unlike native apps for mobile operating systems, users can access Web Apps through websites without downloading anything. Modern clients ask for native apps and web apps to extend their footprint to the web. 
  • Internet of Things (IoT): If you want your apps to be smarter and communicate with different technologies — you need a developer with expertise in IoT programming. 
  • Beacon: Experts say that Beacon will change the way retailers, organizers, transit systems, and others will communicate with users indoors. 

These are four signs of a top app developer. Work with a skilled, experienced, and caring team that does its best to ensure the success of your project. 

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