Apart from providing for your children, your kids also need positive reaffirmations and affection where their contentment and happiness are concerned. Many parents and guardians think getting their children the bike or doll they want is all that’s needed to make them happy.

That is not the case at all, and often there are so many activities that your child wants to do with you, which would make them much happier and improve the quality of their lives. Children are usually much wiser than adults think or want to admit, and they derive happiness from the simplest things.

Many corporations and people have leveraged this knowledge; and built some of the biggest and most famous kid’s entertainment franchises. Franchises like Disneyworld organize entertainment in the form of fun activities and parties for kids to appeal to their childish innocence and simple nature.

Children love playing as much as adults love having their rest or playing exciting games on online sites like Casino Red.  So let’s put down our cellphones, get on the floor, and play with the kids!

If you are unsure of what activities make your kids happy, follow their lead, and take cues and advice from them on what they enjoy doing. Here are common fun activities to bond over with your kids.

  1. Play with them

Nothing makes a child happier than a great playtime session. Going to fun gaming and playing places for your child, or even just playing together at home, is a sure way to bring joy into their lives.

Dedicate a day or two weekly where you can play fun and exciting games together and bond as a family. You will realize that you’re becoming closer to them, and good play is therapeutic for everyone, regardless of age.

  1. Watching their favorite show

Children love watching funny shows and animations on TV. Your kid will probably have a better recollection of a cartoon episode from the previous episode than they will something they were taught at school that same day.

Cartoons and animation movies are beloved across ages, from mature adults to teenagers and young kids, so you can expect to have a fun time too. Bring your blankets and comforters to the couch, and snuggle to a TV show with your children every once in a while.

You could even turn it into a tradition and designate a specific day as “movie night,” where you and the kids watch funny and engaging films in the evening or during the day. You will not miss noticing how happy this will make your children.

  1. Sharing

Talking is very therapeutic for the old and young alike. Your children want you to talk to them about how your day went, what work was like, what you ate, what made you laugh etc. They also want you to listen to them as they talk about what their teacher taught them that day, what one of their classmates did, and what games they played that day.

Take some time daily to sit with and talk to your children. Sharing your thoughts, experiences, and joys with them will let them know that you love them and care about what goes on in their day.

You don’t need to schedule this and can share your day’s experience with your child anywhere when you pick them up from school, as you are preparing dinner, or even at the dinner table. Anytime is a perfect time as long as you are listening actively.

  1. Cooking

Cooking is fun and engaging, and your child will probably love to do it with you. It is not a secret that kids enjoy feeling helpful and eating delicious meals. Consider occasionally cooking their favorite meals with them.

Working with them in the kitchen, mixing ingredients, messing up, teaching them the process, and showing them what spice goes into what meal will be a very good learning experience for your children. Who knows, they might even take it up as a hobby!

Cooking together will also give them a sense of responsibility because you’ll have entrusted them with specific tasks in such an important chore.

  1. Competing together

Kids are very adventurous and competitive. So, the fifth activity you could do with them is to participate in competitions they enjoy. It doesn’t matter what competition it is – a full-on soccer game, swimming competition, or three-legged sack race.

When you accept to compete in a sport or activity together, it reassures them that you are a team and that you think they are strong. Children love to feel strong. Competing with your kid is also fun, as you can feed into each other’s strengths and prop each other up in areas of weakness.

The problem-solving skills developed during the competition will also come in handy in the home setting. When you have misunderstandings, they’ll be better at articulating and managing their feelings.


Bonding with your children and sharing quality time together is very important. Playing with them, taking them to fun parties, and even bringing them along for groceries and clothes shopping, will let them know that you value their company. It also reassures them that you love them and care about their well-being.

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