walter the dog

“Walter the Dog” is a t-shirt with the face of a toy dog imprinted on it and sold by numerous online pet stores. It is a popular collector’s item. But it is also an authentic t-shirt, made by a pet label from the mid-1990s, and so is worth a serious look.

A number of t-shirt styles featuring a wide array of original designs in standard sizes XS-5 XL; availability based upon style.

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Walter The Dog Shirt Style

Choose your favorite Walter dog shirt style: crew neck or v-neck; short, long or full sleeve; casual or elegant fit; light, medium, or heavy material weight. The real name of the dog can be found on the label. Other background information can be found there too, like origin (Seoul) and date (Spring 2021).

The internet is full of rumors, most of them originating from blogs and other online communities. One such rumor that has spread recently is that the doll and Walter are one and the same person.

This has been verified by an Instagram user, who found the image on a Walter dog Instagram page. Additional photos and images can be found on various other Walter the dog fan pages, and so can the fake Instagram account.

Some social media users have used cute dog faces as references for making their own photoshopped Walter the dog images. These so-called “coincidences” have inspired even more bogus rumors.

For instance, a photo of a cute Chihuahua wearing a shirt with the face of a walter the dog was photoshopped to look like the adorable Chihuahua is having a break out. Also, a photo of an abused Chihuahua was photoshopped to look like a happy Chihuahua when in fact it was abused. Another example is this one: a man claims to be a dog trainer and calls himself a Walter dog trainer. His real name is David.

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Meme Dog

Some internet users have created a “meme dog” or Facebook status stating that there is a new line of toys being released called” Walton The Poopie”.

This new poopie toy has been widely shared on the internet, leading to numerous rumors of an upcoming poodle doll game. One person created an online petition to have the false tag removed from the internet, stating that it defaced her good name and would ruin her business. The petition is still up at the time of writing.

There is no confirmation whether the “poopie” is real or a scam, but the creator did remove the tag once it became popular and has not returned to re-enter the Facebook community since.

So while it’s unlikely, a cute little dog named Walter the Poopie may just be the next huge Internet Meme. Who knows? If he becomes a viral phenomenon, it will be a real boon for pet owners everywhere and perhaps be the way that dogs go viral.

Or it may just be yet another case of mistaken identity (someone claiming to be the heir to Sesame Street when they are actually the heir to the most popular children’s show in the world).

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