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Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a particularly creative person, coming up with a few unique ideas for your random video chats is both easy and rewarding. The good news is, you won’t need any special skills or even a chat site with all kinds of flashy features. If you’re on a video chat site like Chatrandom, you’ll be able to dive right into the chats and start mixing things up. 

Random video chatting can be perfectly described by its own name – you’re chatting via video with random strangers. However, you get to decide exactly what “chatting” entails, and if you decide to branch out, that could be a very broad definition. But why would you expend the effort when you could rely on the luck of the draw to bring you entertainment? Because you’ll still probably end up just talking, instead of doing something else that’s much more memorable.

If that didn’t fully convince you, keep reading for a few more reasons why you should put your own special touch on your random chats, plus some ideas that you can use for inspiration.

It’s more fun for both you and your chat partner

If you’re video chatting to entertain yourself, you could let the algorithm do the work, or you could make each chat your own with games, challenges, or small projects. After all, isn’t this about having fun? Even if you’re just bored and trying to kill some time, that doesn’t mean that you have to be bored while you’re killing time. 

Get a great chat partner, and you won’t be the only one with all the ideas; they’ll probably be inspired with some ideas of their own. Whether they’re just having fun playing along, or they’re doing their part to keep the impetus going, this kind of chat is sure to be much more engaging than if you’d just left everything up to chance. 

You’ll get more people to stick around for the rest of the chat

There are a lot of reasons why some of your chat partners leave almost as soon as you get matched up. One reason is that you simply aren’t the kind of person they’re looking for – some people start chatting with a specific type of chat partner in mind. Another reason is that you just don’t click for them; it happens with everyone. If you’ve ever video chatted, you’ve probably done the same thing with some of your chat partners as well.

However, some people leave a chat because they tried it, and felt that nothing much was happening. Unless a chat partner has a certain amount of charisma, it can be difficult to maintain interest in a chat when nobody is really trying.

If you already have an idea of how to get the chat going, though, you won’t have as many chat partners leaving out of boredom. In fact, they won’t even be staying because they want to give the conversation a chance – with any luck, they’ll stay because they’re already hooked!

It gives a sense of variety to each chat session

Random chats are a great way to introduce some variety into your social activities, but if one chat tends to blur into the next, you won’t actually be getting that much variety. That’s where your nifty ideas come in: pick something that you want to do when you start a new chat session, and you’ll make each one feel different. 

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Think of it as picking out your clothes for the day. You still essentially look the same as you did yesterday, and you’ll still do the same things like eating, talking, and walking – but you can make yourself seem a bit different each day because of what you’re wearing. Plus, if you put together a truly dramatic outfit, chances are you’ll feel more dramatic yourself. 

Ideas to try out in future chats:

  • 20 Questions is a game in which one person chooses an object, and the other person has to guess what the object is. They then ask 20 yes-or-no questions (such as “Is it an animal? Does it have four legs?” Etc.); if they guess correctly within the question limit, they win. If they can’t get the answer, the person who picked the object wins. 
  • Host a karaoke night – no talent necessary! There are plenty of free instrument-only versions of popular songs online, so it should be easy to get things going. If you don’t feel like singing as yourself, sing as someone else – Cher, Bon Jovi, or even Miss Piggy. You’re pretty much setting the rules here, and since the main objective is having fun, rather than sounding good, all you have to do is find someone who’s up for some musical entertainment.
  • Do you have any interesting hobbies? Even if it isn’t all that fascinating, you could still haul out whatever you’re working on and show it off to your chat partners; they might have some DIY projects of their own to brag about. If you both felt like it, you could exchange tips about your hobbies, or even work on your projects while you talked.
  • Random video chats are a great way to explore conversation topics that may not come up that often in real life, so this is your opportunity to think outside the box. For instance, what would you do if you had an unlimited budget, but only 1 month in which to spend the money? Have fun planning a fantasy vacation, filling a huge garage with your dream cars, or outfitting an ocean-side property with everything your heart desires. 

What will you do during your next random chat session?

One of the best parts of random video chats is that they give you so much room for improvisation. The site may pick who you match with, but you can still influence what happens during each chat. With a bit of planning, you won’t have any problem making your video chats more entertaining than ever!

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