Top Games to Look Out for in 2022

Are you looking out for the best new games in 2022? Then you’ve come to the right place. There are so many amazing games that are being released throughout the year, across all kinds of platforms. Ranging from cinema-style blockbusters to adventure-style RPGs.

But, with the release of so many games on consoles, PC, and mobile, it can be hard to know which ones you should get your hands on. Below is a list of the biggest games in 2022, so you have all in one place what they’re about, and where you can find them. From the best online casino games to the best PC games, to everything in between. We’ve got you covered.

Games You Want

1. Forspoken 

What used to be known as ‘Project Athia’ has now changed into an upcoming RPG action game for the PS5 from Sony. Originally being released in 2020, it has gone up in reviews since then.

In the game, Forspoken players will have to take on the role of Frey Holland that is played by Charlie’s Angel’s Ella Balinska, a young New Yorker who has to harness her newfound magical powers to survive a whirlwind adventure. 

If you are a fantasy fan, this is a game you need to keep your eye out for. Fantastic creatures could be creeping out at any corner… 

2. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

If you are a Lego and Star Wars fan, this game will be your dream come true. It covers all nine of the Star Wars worlds and movies, giving you access to hundreds of characters from each area of the saga. You can visit so many of the iconic settings as you can play movies in whatever order you like. You have full control to create a unique journey through the galaxies.

What else could you want?

3. Gran Turismo 7

Although GT6 was a bit underwhelming, Gran Turismo 7 restores this amazing racing franchise back to its former glory. This game offers a lot of content in racing gameplay with a great user experience that sets this game up to the next level. 

This is an excellent PS5 tech game, meaning you can take full advantage of the DualSense Wireless Controller’s haptic feedback and its adaptive triggers. You will be able to feel every screech your car makes around a corner, each bump on the road, and the feel of moving into every gear as you go around GT7’s tracks.

4. Elden Ring

Elden Ring is set in the fantasy land of Lands Between. Here, players can hack away at dodge, and slash through the realm in the hope of becoming the Elden Lord. If any of that sounds dull, don’t worry. This game was co-written by the man, the myth, the legend – George R.R. Martin. Through the collaboration between FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin, the results mean a rich and vast-opening world that is dripping in mystery and begging to be explored.

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What makes this one so enjoyable is the variety of creativity in this game. You can specialize your character and add whatever weapons and spells you want to strengthen them.

One thing you should know if you aren’t an experienced gamer: this game is not the easiest. FromSoftware’s games are known to be challenging, which doesn’t suit a lot of people’s tastes. You can also look at it in a different way. With each challenge you face, and each enemy that you later slay – the feeling is all the more rewarding.

5. Pokémon Legends: Arceus


This will be like any game that you ever played in the Pokémon universe in the best ways. 

Acting as a prequel to the main big series, Arceus takes the player back to the old-school days of Pokémon Diamond, where all kinds of Pokémon roam freely. Your character will be in charge of competing in one of the first-ever Pokédexes in the region.

In this game, there will be no badges to win or gyms to be in, but rather a focus on catching Pokémon and battling others for the best ones. This is one of the best Switch games of 2022 – and if you are a Pokémon fan it is worth checking out.

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