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Online whiteboards are slowly replacing the traditional board. Covid-19 pandemic has sent employees to work from home, and students to learn from home, so the traditional whiteboard is becoming a thing of the past.

Online whiteboard tools can be accessed and edited from anywhere, at any time, so it’s no wonder they’re taking the reins over traditional methods of collaboration, communication, and presentation.

If you still aren’t sure if an online whiteboard is a good solution for you, let us show you its top five use cases, and you can see for yourself how beneficial they can be.

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Virtual Workshops

Conferences, workshops, and classes have been happening online for the past two years, and some of them will probably stay online even when the pandemic is over. Online workshops cut the cost for the organizers, allowing them to organize them more than once per year.

Due to the lack of physical restrictions, these workshops can now hold more people, and the organizers need to figure out the best ways to engage people when teaching something online. Virtual whiteboards allow workshop participants to contribute in different ways, making workshops more interactive and interesting.

Contributors can review other suggestions, take turns adding to the story, and in the end gain valuable insights.

Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming sessions are one of the key sources of innovation and creativity among teams. And we can all agree that they aren’t very effective when everyone’s writing down ideas on their own pads or computers. Sure, participants can still share what they come up with, but having all those ideas in one place can spark even more creativity.

With online whiteboards, you can have all those ideas in one place, for all participants to see, which can cause a great snowballing effect.

Not only that, you can use different mediums to support those ideas, like images, stickers, drawings, and more.

Online Collaboration

Online collaboration, especially during meetings, can be tedious. Sure, employees can still work together and come up with different solutions for the challenges before them, but without whiteboards, it can feel slow and boring.

Using online whiteboards in a team is a great way to collaborate and deliberate on different factors together. People can contribute during the meeting, or after the fact. This makes online whiteboards a great tool for remote teams where asynchronous communication and collaboration are at their highest.

Mind Mapping and Product Roadmaps

If you don’t have the budget to get mind mapping software, whiteboards are the next best thing. You can draw maps from scratch, or use existing templates to map out your product journey.

The best thing is that everyone can access these maps and you can be sure that your whole team is on the same page when it comes to what needs to be achieved and when.

Classroom Engagement

Online whiteboards are a critical part of the remote learning experience. When attending online classes students can get easily distracted by their surroundings, their phones, and social media. So, it’s up to the teachers to make the learning process as interactive and as interesting as possible.

This is where online whiteboards shine. By using different templates, and interaction methods, teachers can make sure that all of their students are actively participating in their lessons. At the same time, students will feel more inclined to contribute and learn in this way.

Wrapping Up

Online whiteboards, like traditional ones, are very versatile and can be used in many different situations. From teachers, to project managers – anyone can find a suitable tool and template to use in their setting.

And if you’re still unsure of how this tool can help you, we recommend that you give it a try and see for yourself – you might be surprised by the results it can yield. 

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