Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders!

We all know this show, we all love this show, and I am pretty sure we have all wanted hats with blades at the back at least one point in our lives.

However, unfortunately, the last season of Peaky Blinders has already commenced.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is going to end!

Now, we might have two options here. We could gloat in that agony forever or when we can think of a better series to watch.

However, we know what you could be asking next.

‘But, it will not give us the same feel as Peaky Blinders.’

The post-WW1 aesthetic!

Those streets of Birmingham!

Horse races!

Everything that you can think of which matches the style of ‘The Peaky Blinders,’

So, who said we are just going to recommend some series which are not even remotely based on Peaky Blinders.

If you loved that series, which means you have a certain taste.

That is exactly what we have studied and compiled some of the best gritty shows, which are like ‘Peaky Blinders.’

Where To Watch These Shows

Where exactly can I watch these shows?

This will be your next question the moment you are done reading through the list.

Yes, you can get yourself subscribed to almost all the important OTT platforms out there, and you might still not find the series.

This is why it is always better to download it, and for free.

Yes, for free!

You will be able to download all your favorite movies, series, and even games from The Pirate Bay

This is a decentralized peer-to-peer domain that believes in offering anything to the people over the internet for free since no one owns the internet.

However, it is legal since they do not make any money out of it.

Top Five Gritty Shows To Give You That Feel Of Peaky Blinders

With the iconic performance of Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby, Peaky Blinders will always remain one of the best series.

It is going in the pages of legendary shows.

However, when it comes to these other shows, which we will be listing underneath, they are also nothing short of excellence.

1. Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful, from the description of it, might sound like another gore Victorian London angst drama with a hint of supernatural in it.

It might not be dealing with crime, but it definitely shows the underworld of vampires in a much more realistic light than other series.

From the blood-soaked affairs to our three main characters destroying the underworld, this is definitely a must-watch after Peaky Blinders.

2. Ripper Street

Ripper Street!

Murder and London!

Can there be a better combination than this?

A true Victorian Crime Thriller, which is most likely to keep you hooked for hours. The streets of London are now being terrorized by the ruthless ‘Woman killer’ of history, Jack The Ripper.


Accompanied with the story of a detective coming out of hibernation.

3. Ozark

Ozark might not have the feel of Victorian or post-WW1 London, but it definitely has that Gritty crime family theme that you are looking for after the Peaky Blinders.

We do not have horse races and bookkeepers.

However, Ozark has drugs, money laundering, redneck crime families, and an Emmy award. 

4. Frankenstein Chronicles

If you want a series which will show the old London and even something which is making some of the 

John Marlott is a talented investigator (we always love these characters) who discovers a body.

At first glance, it looks like a dead child. However, to his horror, he later discovers that it is a grotesque assembly of different body parts surgically placed together.


The legendary Frankenstein Chronicles begin!

5. Taboo

Fans of Peaky Blinders are going to love this!

Do you remember Alfie Solomon?

Of course, you do!

Now, if you wish to get that same rugged, broadish, and edgy character from Tom Hardy, then you absolutely cannot miss out on Taboo.

Violent! Gritty! & Rugged!

Yes, that is the thing with us, Peaky Blinder Lovers.

We are always ready for a crime family who has this dysfunctional but unconditional love for their family.


They never step back to being violent.


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