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A smooth internet experience is a thing that almost all of us desire. But have you ever imagined how awful it would be if your internet gets slow whilst you are watching your favorite live show, or sports event on your streaming services platform, sending an important email at urgency or having an online meeting with your client or boss? Sound not less than a nightmare, isn’t it?

Therefore, you always strive hard to get a strong internet network setup at your home. And for that, you do not even agree to pay extra because you cannot afford such turbulence at any cost. However, sometimes even after paying extra, you are unable to get the perfect internet speed and reliable internet connection. There raises a question in your mind that why it is so challenging to get a strong internet connection or to have a strong internet setup at home?

Well! Undoubtedly, it is not a piece of cake to have a robust setup but if you follow a few easy tricks, we have brought for you in this blog you probably get the desired results. You can also try Spectrum internet services by contacting Spectrum Customer Support to get instant support anytime. Similarly, the ISP is known for providing countless internet plans, and different services at budget-friendly price tags. 

If you are willing to explore other options you need to read this blog thoroughly till the end. So, you can understand how the tricks we have discussed here will benefit you while setting up a strong internet at your home. 

So, let it begin. 

Get a Compatible Router

A router is important for upscaling the speed of your internet network. You can ask your internet service provider to facilitate you with its router. For instance, if your ISP does not offer such perks, you can get a compatible router from the market. Because your internet network cannot complete without having a router. So, don’t forget to install it at your home with other internet devices to have the trouble-free and fastest internet experience.  

Carefully Place the Router

After acquiring a compatible router it’s time for you to decide on the place where you would keep your router. Keep in mind that the place must be appropriate enough to maximize the spread of internet signals across every inch of your home. 

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Having a compatible router is not solely enough to get a robust internet network. The place where your router resides also contributes remarkably that you need to understand. Most internet service providers suggest placing routers in the middle space of the house so the signal quality remains the same at every part of the house. 

Change Your Default Settings

When you are done with the router and its placement it’s time for you to make important changes. These changes are quite essential for you for multiple reasons. SSID or default Service Set Identifier password and name on your router are the things that you must change immediately once installing your router. This personalization of your router will prevent you from various security threats, and intrusion of hackers into your network. Ultimately, it results in better and consistent speed quality. 

Encrypt Your WI-FI Network

After modifying your default Service Set Identifier (SSID) settings it’s time for you to encrypt your WIFI network. For that, you need to inquire about your internet service provider after the disposal of your internet network. Why do you need to do this? Because it will benefit you in multiple ways including optimum security and zero chances of intrusions by hackers. Once encrypting your network your internet network will become fully secured and saved.

Pick the Right ISP

Most of the internet service providers are there in the country who suggest you follow the tips we have mentioned above. But it is only when you have picked the right ISP. Moreover, the quality of an internet network broadly relies on the ISP. That’s the reason you should always try to find and go for the right option. 

More than half of potential issues get resolved with your first decision, the selection of an internet service provider. So, always go for comprehensive research to find the best fit for your home.  

Optimize Your Printer Settings

Moving forward, the optimization of your printer settings is also a trick that would contribute to escalating internet speed. How? As you know that most printers today are either wireless or enabled with the internet. This is one way that has brought great convenience to our lives but in other ways, it has opened up a gateway for hackers and intruders to our internet network. 

To avoid these risks, you should precisely read the instructions mentioned inside the user manual before installing a WIFI-enabled printer on your network. Moreover, you need to timely install software updates as well. 

Protect Your Smart Appliances

Just like wireless printers our home has various smart appliances that depend on the internet connection to work. Our lives have been revolutionized because of smart homes but at the same time, our internet networks have become more vulnerable and accessible for hackers and intruders. 

If not carefully handled, these smart appliances can provide ease to hackers to not only reach out to our internet network but to create severe turbulence by controlling our smart appliances. So, never take it easy and try to follow all the precautionary tips that come along with each smart appliance. 

However, you can decrease the probability of such issues by keeping your system and software updated by timely installing every software update. Also, we would like to suggest you change default passwords and the names of smart devices at your home. 

Utilize a Security Software

For further protection, you can utilize security software which has become as crucial as electricity is for life, especially if you want to have a strong internet network, use smart devices, or live in smart homes. You may also ask your internet service provider for security software. Furthermore, many ISPs provide you the freedom to design a customized security software facility that you can easily avail yourself of. 

Cut off Unused Devices

Even after following all the tricks if you are still experiencing slow speed you need to spot the devices that you do not use but remain connected to your internet network. If you find some cut those devices off. 

To Conclude

Nothing seems more pleasing than living in smart homes using smart devices at the fastest internet speed without any fear of hackers and intruders. But! To make turn it into a reality you need to follow the tips and tricks discussed above while setting up an internet network at home. Try any or all these tips and enjoy better performance of your internet network and improved speed round the clock! 

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