About 55 percent of automobile buyers admit that their selection of vehicles will be influenced by technologies available in the car, according to GfK’s 2019 Automobility report. Cars have come a long way and continue to develop at a rapid speed. Over the past decade, we have witnessed fascinating tech developments, from in-car apps to lane assist technologies, and features like the Service StabiliTrak Chevy Cruze. These electronic technologies are significantly improving the functionalities of automobiles and boosting road safety. And as automakers continue integrating new technologies in vehicles, we can expect the next generation of cars to be smarter and more reliable. Below are a few automotive tech innovations that are changing the way we drive.

Driver health monitoring technology

With ADAS integrated into almost all cars, keeping eyes on the roads and hands on the wheel is becoming more difficult. Advanced driver-assist systems ease driving tasks, thereby creating more room for drivers to fall prey to distracted driving, leading to fatal accidents. To reduce accidents, automakers are now integrating driver health monitoring systems in the latest automobile models. This technology is designed to detect signs of distractions and drowsiness and then sound an alarm to keep the driver awake. Typically, driver monitoring systems rely on face recognition apps and cameras to function effectively. But carmakers can complement these technologies with capacitive sensors, radar, and hyperspectral imaging to make driver monitoring solutions more reliable in detecting driver’s movement, heartbeat, and breathing rate.

Parking Assist System

Thanks to the smart parking assist system, drivers don’t have to avoid places or situations that force them to parallel park their automobiles. That’s because the park assist technology uses back cameras, sensors, and other computerized elements to scan your driving environment. Back cameras, for instance, check for objects and individuals near your vehicle while you park to prevent accidents.

Note that park assist systems differ slightly between vehicle models. Therefore, make time to learn about park assist features and how they work. This step helps you choose a car with the best park assist tech features when comparing automobile models. While you can get automobile details anywhere on the internet, consider using valuation guides or tools provided by credible sources. Companies committed to providing automobile valuation focus on accurate pricing and unbiased vehicle reviews so that you can make wise choices when choosing between different models.

Augmented reality heads-up displays

Augmented reality has become a vital part of the car buying process as it enables auto dealers to enhance the customer journey. However, that’s not all AR is about in the automotive industry. Automakers are integrating augmented reality technology in cars to display vital details like vehicle speed, fuel capacity, and directions on the windshield. That way, drivers can keep their eyes focused on the road rather than on busy dashboards or infotainment systems. Some augmented reality heads-up display systems also come equipped with pedestrian and object detection and routing guidance technologies. These tech features make roads safer for both motorists, jaywalkers, and cyclists.

Today’s drivers want to experience maximum connectivity, convenience, safety, and comfort while driving. Fortunately, automakers are always looking for ways to improve the functionalities of cars using advanced technology. As a result, they have come up with innovative tech features to meet customer demand. Some of these technologies are AR display dashboards, driver monitoring systems, park assist, biometric, and 360-degree cameras.

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