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Accidents happen everywhere, including within your business. When this happens, you must have coverage that handles the expenses for their treatment. Getting the details of the event, urging them to seek professional help, and working with the insurance company can remedy the situation smoothly. Here are a few steps that detail the process of a worker’s compensation claim. 

Purchase Coverage To Handle Worker’s Comp Claims

As you begin your company, you will be required to get insurance to cover your facility, products, and employees in the event of an emergency. This typically includes a workers comp policy. If it is omitted, ask your agent to add it to your package. Be sure that it has the right amount of coverage that you need in the event of an incident as well as the best PBM for your business. You can also research this yourself to find one that best fits your budget. Having this protects your staff if they are ever injured and avoids you from a lawsuit. 

Receive Notice From the Employee

When a staff member is hurt on the job, they should inform you or their immediate supervisor as soon as possible. If the issue is serious, send them to get medical attention immediately. Obtain as much information as possible from them if they are alright enough to stay and report what happened. Find out which piece of equipment was involved in the incident and inspect it thoroughly. You can also question their co-workers to find out what brought about the incident. Ensure that the data that you receive gets put in their file or turned into Human Resources. 

Instruct the Employee To Get Medical Attention

Regardless of the severity, you must send the information to your insurance company. A slight mishap can be treated on-site and the staff member can return to what they were doing. However, serious injuries should be examined by a physician. Encourage your employee to seek medical attention. The doctor will determine what treatment should be followed to make them better. If they cannot get there, have someone take them to the hospital or clinic or call for an ambulance. Be sure to stay on top of what is happening while they are there.

Turn the Information To the Insurance Company

Contact the insurance company to alert them of what has happened and to find out how they would like to receive information on your employee. Send the statement that you took from your staff member when the incident happened as well as any other data you might have concerning the event.

If the carrier determines that the situation qualifies for a workers comp claim, they will start a file and get you the identification numbers related to it. As invoices come in from the treatment that they are receiving, forward that to them as well. Follow up with the agent frequently to ensure that bills are being paid before they are due and that everything is processed correctly. Also, inform them of the date that the physician believes the person involved will be returning to work.

Follow Up With Your Staff Member To Ensure They Are Healing

While you are following up with the insurance company, be sure to reach out to your employee as well. Ask them how they are doing and if there is anything that they need. This is also a good time to find out when they intend to return to work, and if they will need any accommodations to do their job. Contacting them with your concern lets them know that you care about them and that you wish to see them back.

Welcome Them Back To Work

Once the treatment is finished, your employee will return to work. Be sure to make them feel welcome and let them know that you are happy that they feel better. If they will need anything to help them do their tasks, be sure that it is on hand for them to use.

At this point, the claim will be concluded. Reach out to the insurance company and ask if all invoices have been paid or if they need additional information. Ask them for a copy of their documentation to keep in your files in case you have to refer to it later. When an accident happens at the workplace, it could result in a workers comp situation. Submitting detailed information to your carrier in order to get approval from them and following up to ensure that bills have been paid can make the process move for you and your employee.

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