Kevin Costner Scandals

Hollywood is never one to shy away from saucy scandals. In fact, it is evident that it thrives in them- and how could it not? 

Scandals involving top celebrities left and right- it keeps the media on their toes and the fans at the edge of their seats.

When the news about the Kevin Costner scandals broke out, everyone erupted in loud gasps because how— for someone as respected as the man, it was the last thing on everyone’s mind.

But it gets weirder- if that’s the right word even- as the revelations surfaced. It was on the front page of every newspaper and the main topic of many commentaries such as the one from the iPINIONS Journal. Wondering why? Let’s dive deeper into this issue.

What Are The Kevin Costner Scandals All About? 

The incident happened way back in 2004. Costner was vacationing in a hotel owned by an acquaintance and of course- what’s a hotel stay without some pampering session? 

A masseuse was sent to tend to him and it was just like any other massage session— not until Costner decided to act out. 

According to the masseuse, Costner exposed himself and performed sexual acts- may be thinking he can get away with it because well- he’s Kevin Costner. 

What’s worse is that this all happened while the actor/producer/film director was on his honeymoon with his second wife. Way to start off married life, huh?

Things got messier when the masseuse reported what happened and the hotel administration seems to be turning a blind eye. She even mentioned how she was reduced to feeling unwanted after the incident and later on was removed from her job when in fact she should be the recipient of help here.

Of course, like any other Hollywood scandal, Costner’s camp tried to cover the issue but it did not work out the way they intended it to. Costner’s publicists even went as far as saying that the problem is between the hotel and its employee and not their clients.

A lot of he said she said ensued. But one thing’s for sure- no one would want to be Mrs. Costner at that point- or even beyond.

The Aftermath Of The Kevin Costner Scandals 

The hotel that the A-list actor and his wife stayed in was located in Scotland. As part of Costner’s camp’s effort in keeping everything on the low and as part of the UK’s legal ruling, the actor’s identity remained a mystery for two years and his name was forbidden to be outed in the UK media.

The victim filed for unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination still it ultimately ended up with a settlement but Costner was unrepresented in the tribunal hearing so it appeared that the case has shifted from him (which is supposed to be as he is the perpetrator) and the masseuse to the hotel and the latter. 

They reached a settlement that was undisclosed and Costner never had any representation in court.

In Conclusion

Kevin Costner remains a powerful name in Hollywood as he is still a critically-acclaimed actor with blockbuster hits under his name. However, just as his movies are attached to his name, so will his scandal.

Commentaries like the iPINIONS Journal have immortalized the Kevin Costner scandals and are one of the best places to read about it further. 

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