Men's EuroHockey Indoor Championship

The EuroHockey Indoor Championship has been happening since 1970 and is one of the highly spectated sports throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa. 

It occurred every 4 years since its inception and then started happening every 2 years after 2003. 

Germany is the top-performing country in the Men’s EuroHockey championship with 8 total 1st place wins since 1970. To boot, they won the very first Men’s EuroHockey championship when the event debuted in 1970. 

Because of recent events, the 2022 Men’s EuroHockey Indoor Championship had to be rescheduled. Why was the event rescheduled? And what happened to the 2021 Men’s EuroHockey Indoor Championship? All of these questions and more will be answered below. 

What is the Men’s EuroHockey Indoor Championship?

This championship allows the top 8 contenders in the European Hockey Federation to compete in the top division of the sport. 

Once the winner is selected, the team will be featured in the Summer Olympics and Hockey World Cup to compete to win during that year in the hockey division. 

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What is the current status of the 2022 Men’s EuroHockey Indoor Championship?

The Men’s and Women’s EuroHockey Indoor Championship is being rescheduled for December 7th to December 11th, 2022 in Hamburg, Germany. 

Originally, the EuroHockey 2022 championship was going to take place in mid-January. However, Europe got exposed to COVID-19, so the championship needed a postponement date. 

Why did the 2021 Men’s and Women’s EuroHockey Indoor Championship not happen? 

The EuroHockey championship did not happen in 2021 because of the international crisis. It was going to be held in early August 2021 in Kordia, Paola, Malta. However, 4 of the 8 teams had to withdraw from the competition due to travel restrictions imposed on them from the international crisis. 

Out of the games that were played, the Netherlands won the overall championship for the 6th time in a 4-1 penalty shoot versus Germany. 

Why Germany Has Won the Most EuroHockey Championships

Germany’s 8 wins throughout EuroHockey’s history means there must be a reason behind their wins. 

Overall, the German men’s EuroHockey team has had incredible players that know their stuff on the field including Constantin Staib during the championship. He helped Germany to advance to the showdown in the 2021 championship before it was postponed. Staib assisted in beating France when Germany was down by 3 goals and he encouraged a late draw against Holland. 

The country’s sports performance win streaks are also prevalent in other international championships. Germany won gold 4 times at the Summer Olympics in 1972, 1992, 2008, and 2012 respectively.

Besides being the most successful country to win the most EuroHockey Championships, they have also won the most Junior Hockey World Cup tournaments (6 times). 

While Germany is usually the leading contender in these games, Netherlands and England follow close behind them usually. The Netherlands is the country that has ranked in 2nd place the most. England is the country that has ranked 3rd place the most. 

Looking Ahead to the 2022 Championship

The cancellation of the Men’s EuroHockey Indoor Championship was upsetting, especially when it had already started and had to quickly end due to travel restrictions for various countries. 

Looking ahead to the 2022 Men’s EuroHockey Indoor Championship, it will be the 20th edition since its inception in 1970. We wonder which country will be the next winner of this rich history of such an international sport. Will Germany hit number 1 again or will it be another country?

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