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Are you part of the written digital content world? If yes, then you know how much article spinning is controversial.

Writers, website operators, digital marketers, and bloggers are always looking for high-quality and unique content to post on their websites. They want their content posts to be distinctive about the products and services they provide. After all, informative and well-written content is the key to building a unique identity in the competitive and demanding internet world.

What do people do if they want some fresh content for their website? They can have unique content written, but they feel a certain fear like the new content is not compelling or attractive. In return, they experience reduced traffic rather than seeing new and loyal viewers.

Fortunately, text spinners come into play. They help you get good content that effectively attracts traffic and ranks your website well on search engines. Plus, they do not cost a fortune. 

However, if you are new to article spinning, you may ask, “what are text spinners?” Keep reading and find out the answer.

What Are Text Spinners?

A text spinner refers to a device or resource with the primary function of rewriting texts, including a blog entry or an article. That way, the wording is changed while the overall meaning and message of the text are left intact.

Many blog or website administrators, marketing agencies, and content creators use text spinners to imitate the existing content’s success while appearing original. 

Two text spinner programs are available: a web-based program and a desktop-based program. A web-based program requires a monthly payment for the membership fee, while a desktop-based program is paid once and downloaded to the computer. Both of these two programs have the same functions; it is just a matter of the user’s preference.

How Do Text Spinners Work?

With text spinners, anyone can automatically paraphrase or rewrite inputted content into various versions without losing its message or meaning. 

Text spinners are easy-to-use and do not require any complex skills. Users have to copy specific content and then paste it into the input box. The inputted content is considered original content, while the output is regarded as paraphrased or spun content. Keep in mind that the entire process of content spinning is fully automated.

Are Text Spinners Legal?

Yes. Using a text spinner is absolutely legal.

When text-spinning tools were introduced to the digital marketing industry a few years ago, they were regarded as a black hat SEO strategy and highly frowned upon. However, they gained users and positive feedback later on. Most users utilized them for the right purposes instead of exploiting them for the wrong means. 

As long as users do not blindly the original content for the sake of their own project, including assignments, reports, or blogs, they will not face any legal issues.

Who Can Use Text Spinners?

Anyone who has anything to do with content can use a text spinner. Here is a list of all who can use text spinners for their business:

Article Writers 

If people offer blog or article writing services as freelancers, they use a text spinner to spin their own content. As a result, they can deliver unique and satisfying content to their clients with ease.


Regardless of which blogger type people are (cooking, lifestyle, technology and gadgets, travel, relationships, etc.), they face situations where they find it hard to produce unique topics or end up with content of similar topics. However, if they use an article spinner, they can create numerous pieces of content without worrying about repetition.

SEO Experts 

In most cases, SEO experts encounter a difficult situation when creating unique content they need to publish on directories, forums, PBNs, etc. With text spinners, they can make the process smooth and automatic.

Affiliate Marketers 

Through the text-spinning process, affiliate marketers can write varying descriptions of a similar product. 

Authors and Publication Houses 

Publication houses and authors can stay productive at producing high-quality content through text spinners as they can entirely change the original text.

Small Businesses

Many small businesses do not have enough financial resources to hire content writers. That is why using text spinners serves as a cheaper yet effective solution for unique content creation.

Advantages of Using Text Spinners 

No matter what website type you are working on, creating informative and meaningful content for website visitors is crucial. That content will help you increase visibility and get a higher ranking on search engines. So, having a text spinner by your side is advantageous when it comes to producing that kind of content in a matter of a short period.

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Keep in mind that online marketing involves reaching the largest audiences. You can start by providing helpful information on your website. If you create more content, you will better chance of getting a more significant segment of the target audience. You can use a text spinner to have a great deal of content for your website. You can even submit those content to article directories. In return, building credibility and expertise in your niche is a lot easier. 

If you want to get a higher ranking for your website, relevant content is a must. Informative content directly impacts your site visitors. With correct text spinning, you can get more content that helps improve your website rankings. 

Text spinners are also helpful with regard to building backlinks. They will help you distribute unique articles, where each of them builds backlinks easily. Once your quality content is posted, many top-ranking sites end up creating backlinks to it. In other words, creating more quality backlinks on your site helps rank it on search engines more effectively. 


Creating quality and unique content with text spinners is affordable and accessible. Whether you are a writer, digital marketer, or small business owner, posting fresh and valuable content on your website is necessary to rank better on search engines and attract more visitors. 

If you want to ensure human- and high-quality text spinning, It will help you achieve quality and readable content that will rank on the Google first page. Plus, you can save a lot of time, money, and effort. 

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