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Switching to macOS as a long-time Windows user could take more than you anticipated. Even some tech-savvy people find the transition not to their liking because there are quite a few new things to learn.

On the other hand, you should not expect to master a computer without actually using it. There are certainly some intricacies on a Macbook that one needs to approach with patience if they want to learn them.

It also helps when users create a step-by-step system and slowly build their experience from there. This article will cover some basic tips for new Mac users, so be sure to read and memorize them if you are interested.

Learn to Edit Media Files MacBook

Let’s start with some basic media editing. Whether it is audio or video, knowing how to trim certain parts or add elements can help with your work, studies, or everyday things. For example, you might want a new ringtone for your smartphone, and the only way to get it is to extract the sound from an audio file on a Mac.

You might also find that there is not enough free storage on the MacBook’s drive, and compressing some media files might solve some problems.

You can click here to find out about how to trim and edit media files on your Mac, as well as other benefits of mastering the craft.

Memorize MacBook Keyboard Shortcuts

It is no secret that you can save a lot of time using keyboard shortcuts. Replacing the trackpad and mouse completely is not really an option, but if you memorize relevant keyboard sequences, your efficiency on a MacBook will increase noticeably.

Of course, you do not have to rush and memorize every single available shortcut. Instead, you should visit the official Apple support site and check the list of all the shortcuts and determine which of them are the most relevant to you.

Switching from mouse and trackpad and relying more on keyboard shortcuts will take a bit to get used to, but putting effort into this is worth it.

Keep the Drive Clutter-Free

The lack of drive storage is a common problem for MacBook owners, particularly if they switch from Windows computers that have up to a few TB storage. 

Running out of disk space on a Mac will lead to worse performance and ruin your overall experience using the laptop. 

Keep tabs on the drive health and make the necessary adjustments. It is recommended to aim for at least 15 percent of total drive storage to be free, but even that percentage does not guarantee optimal performance.

When you notice that there are only a few gigabytes left, get to cleaning temporary system junk, old downloads, apps, localization files, and other files you no longer need. Also, remember that you can transfer some data to iCloud or Dropbox. Finally, an external HDD or a USB flash stick is also helpful.

Look Up Word Definitions

Switching between different windows to see what a word means when you are reading or writing is quite disruptive. Thankfully, macOS has built-in dictionaries that you can utilize and look up word definitions without turning to third-party sources.

Highlight the word or phrase you want to look up, control-click on it, and you will see the “Look Up” option available. It is as simple as that. 

Keep an eye on the Official App Store

MacBooks come with a plethora of great built-in applications. Some of the best examples of that are GarageBand, iMovie, and Spotlight.

On the other hand, you should not expect to rely entirely on what comes as part of the package. It is likely that you will want to take care of multiple things on your MacBook, ranging from finances and personal life to work and studies.

Therefore, be sure to check the official App Store and discover what apps you can find in relevant categories. There are plenty of great applications that you can get for free, though paying for some should also not be out of the question.

Disable Notifications

nnew MacBook owner

If using the MacBook becomes too bothersome because of too many notifications, disable them in the Notification Center. 

Some applications may bombard you with irrelevant pop-ups, and removing them would improve the overall experience using a Mac. At the same time, you do not want to disable important messages, such as notifications about system updates, so be sure to keep that in mind. 

Use the Sidecar Feature

You can extend or mirror your MacBook’s display thanks to the sidecar feature. Connecting an iPad and increasing the available screen resolutions come in handy.

For instance, you might want to do some graphic design work, and an iPad would work as a graphics tablet in this case. 

Sidecar is available wirelessly, though you will need to remember that enabling the feature will take an extra toll on the device’s battery.

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