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Considering the tendency in the development of the IT industry and the development of mobile applications, React Native is a genuinely new period in the development of smartphone products. But let’s clarify what React Native is? The developers of Facebook designed this product in 2015. Immediately, it has become a new word in the IT industry because of its potential. Nowadays, many companies have taken this new approach in their work and represented many new products based on the React Native platform. When your company needs a reliable application, you may hire developers who know their job the best here:

What is at the base of React Native?

React Native is a relatively new framework for the development of iOS and Android applications. This platform is based on the React platform. It does not imply any HTML technologies. However, there are components in JSX. DOM API is absent here as well. As for now, the quality of iOS support is better when compared to Android. But the dynamic of the product’s development says that the quality will be much better with each new release.


The work of React Native has some similarities with the work of React. But React Native implies native components instead of web components to build a product. The specialists in React Native app development know all the nuances concerning the background of the platform and any other issues. That is why you may always ask a professional to create a unique application for you. The IT developers, who may use React Native in their work, should know some advantages and disadvantages of the platform. 

Pros of React Native

React Native allows you to use the code several times, even if you are going to use it for web programs. This significantly reduces the time of development and expenditures for hiring new developers. This platform tries to involve as many opportunities as possible. Additionally, it includes parts for design, code compilation, and other utilities for the work. React Native can do more work than React alone because React is considered to be a library, while React Native is known to be a framework. React Native offers a range of native components, which makes it more potent as compared to React. 

Cons of React Native

React Native has a limited number of API components and interfaces. For better work, it would need additional API via the already existing modules. Also, RN has to imply different approaches to work with different platforms. For example, iOS and Android use various types of product creation. That is why they will have to use dozens of if-statements along with one code. Additionally, the reviews of React Native underline that it will be suitable for more straightforward applications. When you are going to create more complicated applications (e.g., for photo or video editing), it will not be suitable for this purpose. 

Final and Additional Words

React Native belongs to programs that are easy to learn because it managed to eliminate some bugs, which were present in Javascript, for example. Nowadays, there are lots of huge companies, which expressed their interest in React Native. They include Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Tesla, and several others. It underlines that this product is worth something in the IT industry. Both mobile developers and web developers will surely benefit from the opportunities of React Native. It is unique and valuable. But we would recommend learning a bit about Swift and Java because they have many common features. And never stop learning. Visit various platforms, such as Firearm Studio, and discover new features and approaches from there. Good luck!

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