QR Code Generator

Quick Response Codes more commonly known as QR codes are widely used nowadays for various functions. 

It can be because of its convenience. A quick point and scan can easily get you to a specific website that may contain information relevant to you. 

They’re just as easy to make. One quick search for a QR code generator and you’re immediately presented with tons of available websites that can help you whip up a basic qr code. 

These websites, like Beaconstac, offer free qr code generators. In this article, we will discuss the differences between the free and paid versions

Free QR code generators

Does not require signing up 

Let’s be real, sometimes we only really need something once, and signing up for a specific website can be a very lengthy process. 

Using free QR code generators saves you that time and effort and lets you focus on what you need to get done. 

This makes the whole process fuss-free! 

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Quick and convenient 

We’re putting emphasis on this because we know how important time is. 

No need to fill up a bunch of forms or verify this and that. 

Just enter the required information, choose your preferred QR code look, and voila— done! 

This makes the process as easy as using the qr code itself.

Free trial 

Some QR code generator websites offer a free trial period. This allows you to sample their service along with all of its features for a limited amount of time

This way, you can gauge whether or not their service is worth investing in. 


Easily customize the look of your QR code by adding a logo, changing the text and adding call to action options.

Paid QR code generators  

Heightened security 

Payments obligate providers to amp up their security. This is generally true for most cases— regardless of what service they offer. They are required to present official terms and conditions to highlight customer rights. 

Custom domain 

This makes it easy for your audience to recognize that it’s your business and let them know the QR code is for official use. 

This useful and striking feature does not only customize the overall URL, but also promotes your brand.

Dynamic Qr codes 

Most free QR code generators only allow users to create static QR codes. In definition, these are QR codes that when made, cannot be altered or updated

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, can be changed anytime you need to encode additional information into your code, making it convenient to revise it in the future. 

Ideal for businesses and professional use 

It is still best to invest in paid QR code generators when it’s for business purposes and professional use simply because it is backed by a system and is maintained by a reputable company.

Make sure to look for a reliable and trusted QR code generator like Beaconstac to ensure a safe and efficient service. 

QR code tracking 

Allows you to track QR code scans based on a number of factors such as GPS location and type of device being used. This makes it easy for you to spot trends and improve campaigns for your business. 

In conclusion

Whether it’s for one-time use, or a long time investment, QR code generators are safe and effective.

Both the free and paid versions of QR code generators are very useful, you just have to determine which one works best for you! 

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