Software industry trends such as Code, Quantum, AI, Edge, Blockchain, Deep learning, Database, Streaming, programming, Web App, Low code, no, code are some of the future software trends which improve flexibility and productivity.

The year 2020 has been the most unexpected in recent history. A Global pandemic like Covid 19 has affected human lives in almost every aspect of their lives including all the countries and sectors too.

The only good news is that scientists have found a way to fight this pandemic. They introduced several successful vaccines that are now available on our doorsteps with full proven results. The vaccines allow us to live the new year that is 2021 full of hope.

2020 was a very difficult year for the Software Development industry designing the Software industry trend. Even though there were a lot of ups and downs in many areas because of covid-19 but still this did not stop the development of the digital transformation.

Hence, as a result, the software industry trends will be greater in upcoming years

It is very obvious that one year for Software development industries is very essential. It is considered as a light-year for this sector.

The riskiest task for anyone can be to make predictions. By using the data, figures, and facts from proper informative and authentic sources can help predict the future by keeping the past in mind.

For learning about the future software trends one can go for further reading.

  1. A centralized infrastructure( including cloud, cloud everywhere)

The pandemic of Covid-19 has made several industries suffer heavily and badly except some industries. Among them, Cloud has become a forerunner industry that has become more stronger and competitive during the pandemic.

The future of cloud computing will become more clear and successful.Covid-19 has wiped away all the doubts and uncertainty in terms of all the adoptions done by the Cloud.

The global pandemic Covid-19 clearly showed us the importance of the need for Cloud for upscale and downscale that is when the demand for the services drops down.

For example; The industries such as Tourism and transportation have to maintain their important and expensive data centers, even after their market drops by 90 percent. 

The prediction was made by Forrester that the future of cloud computing, that is the IT infrastructure market, would grow with 120 Billion USD with surprisingly 35 percent of the growth in 2021:

It does not matter from which industry you belong whether it is the Government, Agriculture, Healthcare, Banking, or start-ups. The plan of the migration of Cloud as the entire world moves towards the future of cloud computing industry sooner than later.

Shortage of Cloud-native engineers will lead to higher demand of these engineers in 2021 onwards.

Any IT engineer can jump into any MOOC (Massive online open course) to gain the certificate. Due to this epidemic, many of them are offering free courses.

The best thing is that the major public providers of Cloud are offering free courses. Amazon which is the biggest public cloud provider has recently declared that it will provide Free Cloud computing training to approximately 29 million people between 2021 to 2025.

2.)Decentralized Infrastructure( Edge computing will see an exponential growth)

There can be many scenarios where a centralized data center for Data and computer power will not work. Therefore, we need to get decentralized that is The data and computer power near the end-users.

As we know that Edge computing is an old concept and also we are using Edge computing in CDN(Content delivery network) which has become famous in recent years.

Edge computing will be a huge market in 2021 with the rise of connected vehicles. Another appropriate key reason is that Edge computing will play an important role in the rise of 5G devices.

3.)Cloud; Though AWS is leading but multi-cloud will be the future

In 2021, Amazon is leading at the first position, Microsoft at second, and Alibaba at third.

The CNCF(Cloud-native computing Foundation) plays an important role in the multi-cloud movement and has defeated the Linux Foundation. Furthermore, growth can be seen in the CNCF.

Providers like HashiCorp will become more essential in 2021.

There are some of the outstanding projects which also provide API compatibility with famous Vendor-specific Cloud services like MinIO9.Thus, there will be more initiatives like MinIO so that we can use the lift and shift famous vendor lock services easily. Hence, This is very good news for the whole industry.

4.) Computing: Quantum computing will be getting momentum

The most revolutionary technology on the list is Quantum computing. It has the potential to mark an impact in every sector same as the digital computer.

In 2020 there were some sudden changes and advancements in Quantum computing.

Many governments and Tech Giant companies are in search of quantum computing and investing so much without any second thought.

The biggest players in this field are Google and IBM.

5.) Artificial Intelligence operating system(AI will be for all)

AI is a technology that can also not be ignored because it is one of the most trending artificial operating systems.

AI has also seen many hard times in 2020. One more interesting fact is that AL slowly and gradually entered all the sectors.

In the domain of natural language processing, GPT-3 was the huge breakthrough that arrived in May 2020.

GPT-3 was created by OpenAI, one of the renowned US companies. It has made it possible to create human-like text using deep learning.

When the Guardian article was written using GPT-3, the whole world was stunned.

The article stated that in 2021, there will be a breakthrough in Natural language processing, where AI will be given the task of writing articles or small software programs.

The other amazing development was AutoML2.0 which enables automated feature engineering too.

AI will be advancing in full-cycle AI Automation and democratization in 2021.

Another major software industry trend in AI is explainable AI, which will require an explanation for the reasons why AI has taken certain decisions.


Here Are some of the current trends, data, and facts used to make some predictions about the most important future software trends.

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