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Digital media refers to using digital devices to express opinions or ideas in a digital format. It is a rapid, simple, and effective content communication and distribution method. People’s lives, particularly children’s, are influenced by the media positively and negatively. 

It occurs throughout all stages of life, in all cultures and regions. We have described some of the positive as well as negative impacts of digital media for your guidance below:

Positive Effects of Media Entertainment

The positive impacts of media entertainment include:

  • Development of Social Skills

All the necessary information is now available online, eliminating the need to go to distant locations. Introverts who find it difficult to connect with others might use the internet to express themselves. It promotes an engaging learning environment and helps people enhance their social skills.

It broadens your mind and makes you more aware. You learn about different people’s opinions online through interactive applications. Digital gadgets aid in developing motor abilities and application skills. Your curiosity grows, and you begin to share your perspectives with others. As a result, it’s a fantastic way to interact with the online community.

  • Source of Information and Entertainment

Media brings great information related to diverse areas and enhances one’s awareness. One cannot deny its importance in mass communication and journalism. You no longer have to rely on print media when the news is available just a few clicks away. With an active internet connection, you can explore anything you want. 

For example, if you have to write a paragraph about yourself in an essay, you can search for the ideas online within seconds. It also brings great entertainment in various forms like movies, songs, documentaries, etc. You can catch up on all live updates of a match and even record the full match on your device to watch it later. 

  • Enhanced Ability of Self-Expression

It has become easier now to express your views to a large audience. You can connect with people from all across the globe through digital media. If you want the world to know about your life’s experiences or the knowledge you have attained, become a blogger by applying the latest social media marketing strategies.

It will not only boost your self-confidence but also help you impact people’s mindsets and inspire them positively. You can hold debates online and get public involvement if you find anything problematic in society. It can help greatly in raising voices against injustices and oppressed communities. Thus, social media improves your expressive ability.

  • Awareness of Political and Social Issues

The debates on current issues and informative talk shows generate great awareness about the social and political situation in a country. Kids get a chance to acquire knowledge on such complex matters from an early age and become smarter. This knowledge can then shape them into more informed citizens with a goal. 

Enhanced awareness induces a desire to do something for society. Due to a sense of responsibility, many individuals contribute to various initiatives for the welfare of society. For instance, the debates on women’s empowerment motivate many people to do something for girls’ education and rights. 

Negative Effects of Media Entertainment

Media entertainment can have negative effects on people, such as:

  • Addictive Behavior

Habitual viewing and the desire to spend hours on online platforms can affect health adversely. Many teenagers and even elders love to feel rewarded on social media. You must be wondering how? Well, after posting a picture or video online, you wait for people’s positive response and active engagement. 

It enhances dopamine levels and brings temporary happiness, making one addictive. If any negative response comes or there is a lack of engagement, it can demotivate individuals and start inducing stress and frustration. Excessive usage may lead to anger, depression, and anxiety, making one mentally ill. Thus, the excessive use of online platforms can induce harmful addiction. 

  • Adoption of Wrong Beliefs

The information shared online may not always be true. Social media platforms and news channels can spread biased and fake news to manipulate the public. Many people, especially teenagers, start believing the misinformation spread online. While Twitter is one of the famous platforms for trolls and generating memes, many individuals start getting ridiculed online that may develop suicidal thoughts in them. 

The impact of emerging technology can be quite disturbing for some. These platforms may promote hate speech at a faster speed making people violent. Even many kids start adopting wrong beliefs that can mold their personality if not checked. It can lead to unfortunate and dreadful circumstances later on. Therefore, it is essential that the parents keep an eye on their child’s online activity. 

  • Suppression of Cognitive Development

Many kids are now addicted to internet-connected devices, and with exposure to technology, they adopt more from social media than what has been taught in real-life. If a child is excessively involved in online gaming and watching shows, it might diminish his ability to read and affect his analytical thinking, attentiveness, and information processing. 

Thus, cognitive development does not take place properly, and it can also lead to improper physical growth. For balanced personality grooming, the elders must be careful that the kids are not spending too much online and do not get dependent on digital tools. 

  • Impatient and Violent Attitude

Many kids develop aggressive behaviors due to online games that provide rewards for attaining power. These games can even manipulate the children’s mindset. When they find the opposite of what they experience online, the confrontation with reality might induce frustration. Similarly, the information shared on various digital media platforms is not always true. 

It might hurt a community’s sentiments and develop violent attitudes making people impatient. If the media does not act responsibly, it can generate huge differences among people and develop intolerant behaviors toward each other. Thus, exposure to media might not be favorable to everyone. 


Digital media has positive and negative consequences, and it is up to the user to decide whether they want to use it for good or bad. Children must be monitored to ensure that they are not exploited online and learn anything useful. 

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