Pokken Tier List

Pokken Tier List: Pokken Tier List encourages players to under the strength of certain Pokemons and which one is superior to the next. This rundown likewise guarantees that a player client right Pocket Monsters in a match against another player.

Numerous players around the globe continue to look for the rundown to improve comprehension of the game. Thus, here is a Pokken Tournament Tier List for you sub-separated into four classifications like Tier 1, 2, 3, and God. In the underneath list, God Tier is the most elevated, and Tier 3 is the least.

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Pokken Tier List For Tournament 

This Pokken Tournament roster consists of some of the most overpowered Pokemons in the game. They are amongst the strongest picks in the game with fewer to minimum Counters in the game. If you know these picks well, you know how to win.

Pokken Tier List God Tier 

  • Pikachu 
  • Braixen
  • Gardevoir
  • Shadow Mewtwo 

Pokken Tier List Dx Tier 1

Consisting of some of the strongest Pokemon in the Pokken Tier List, Pocket Monsters in Tier one might prove to be the strongest choices you have in the game. If you have one of these your win is certainly just a few steps away.

  • Pikachu Libre 
  • Mewtwo 
  • Sceptile 
  • Weavile 
  • Chandelure 
  • Blaziken 
  • Lucario
  • Scizor 
  • Decidueye

Pokken Tier List God Tier Dx Tier 2

This Pokken Tier List does not consist of weak Pokemons but in comparison with high-ranking Pokemons, they might not be a great match. This means they are not the weakest and can be suitable counter characters for many Pokemons.

  • Garchomp 
  • Charizard 
  • Gengar 
  • Darkrai 
  • Croagunk 
  • Empoleon

Pokken Dx Tier 3 

This Pokken Tier List consists of considerably weak Pokemons in comparison with high-ranking Pokemons. They might end up on the losing side if the opponent has a stronger Pokemon ready for the battle.

  • Machamp 
  • Suicune

If you think you are a good player and you play better than most people, you might certainly want to enter the Pokken Tournament. The winner gets a chance to earn prize money of $100,000 and even more for the Evo championship series.

  • Players who come 1st or 2nd earn World Championships invites and a travel award
  • The top 32 competitors receive Championship Points

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