poker vs blackjack

In every casino, you’re guaranteed to find a place to play both poker and blackjack. Each one has its own pros and cons, hence how both of them have co-existed in the hearts and minds of gamblers for hundreds of years. No matter which one is your favorite, it can pay to learn them both and try your luck when you next visit your local casino, even an online one.

Here we’ve summarized the commonly believed advantages and disadvantages associated with each game. If they ring true to you, consider placing your bets on whichever game seems to offer the most benefits for you and your playing style.


Poker has many different variations, easily making it the world’s most popular card game.

The Pros

First, poker doubles as a social interaction game more than blackjack. You need to pay attention to people’s reactions to try and discern how powerful their hand is.

This means that there’s a higher element of skill, too. While there is still a randomness to the game, you can bluff your way out of a bad situation if you’re more skilled than the other players.

Poker can be as cheap or as expensive as the players desire, scaling very well and allowing for big profits if you’re a certified card sharp.

You don’t even need to be in a casino to play – many host poker games from the comfort of their own home.

The Cons

As for the downsides, the randomness of the game will still burden players with losing streaks sometimes.

If you’re playing online, you won’t see the tells of the opposing players.

Interest in poker has increased since online poker hit the scene, so you’re not the only card sharp in town anymore.

The game can get tense, dramatic, and outright nasty if the wrong personalities clash at the poker table.

Above all else, you need patience – a virtue that many people lack.

Like all casino games and gambling activities, some personalities can get addicted to it. While this is true for blackjack, poker remains the most popular casino card game and the stakes can become damaging for those who can’t stop.


While poker is more popular, blackjack has the reputation for being breezy and noncommittal. Games come fast and stay interesting, so it’s not the slow-burn tension of a poker game. This makes it appeal to both new and veteran gamblers alike.

The Pros

As we said, the most obvious benefit that blackjack has over poker is that it’s a quick game to play. This attracts newbies while some stick with it to become elite players, memorizing all the best strategies. Other seasoned gamblers will play blackjack as a palette cleanser after other casino activities.

While faster, it’s also more relaxed and less adversarial than poker. Sure, you’re competing with the dealer, but he gets paid no matter what happens.

Blackjack is facilitated by a dealer. While they work for the house, they’re typically on your side and can teach you to play, especially if you make sure to tip them.

Overall, blackjack is a simpler game that’s easier to grasp than poker for many people. All you need to know are card values and the probability of striking out, there are none of the social intricacies that come with a poker game.

The Cons

As for the cons, blackjack tables have a limited amount of space and so they’re often full. This also means that you have to accommodate and wait for others before your turn comes.

Luck is a bigger factor than poker. You’re either dealt good cards or you’re not.

Sophisticated strategies like card counting are no guarantee for success.

The lack of competitiveness isn’t challenging for some gamblers.

The house edge comes from inexperienced gamblers – you might be one.

Lastly, to reiterate, it’s possible to get addicted to blackjack, too.

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