School modules, bank statements, and business reports—these are just some examples where people would use PDFs to share documents with others over the internet. However, what if someday you will encounter a problem in opening a PDF file? What would you do to solve the issue?

Thankfully, it is now possible to use online platforms like PDFBear to fix your essential PDF documents. You only need to complete a few steps, and you can access your PDF file again.

We understand that having a problem when opening an essential PDF document can be a nightmare and hassle. Today, we will guide you on how you can repair PDF files and the benefits of using a website to fix it like PDFBear.

What are the possible reasons why a PDF file won’t open?

When a PDF document does not open, it only means that your file got corrupted or damaged. This problem can occur due to various causes. One of the reasons is because you haven’t downloaded the PDF file completely due to a slow internet connection. You can use good quality VPN like gizlilikveguvenlik to speed up your browsing speed. So, please download the file again if you think this is the reason.

Another reason is that the file may contain a virus or malware. These things are dangerous to your device, so please be careful about what you download and know which sites are trustworthy to which are not.

Also, you cannot open a PDF document without an appropriate file reader. It is not possible to access pure PDF files in software such as Microsoft Paint. Therefore, ensure that you have installed a PDF reader on your device before opening the file.

If you tried to fix the problem with the three reasons above and you still cannot open the document, then you will need some tool to fix the file. Luckily, PDFBear is here to save the day. We will guide you on how to repair PDF files below.

How to do PDF repair with PDFBear?

PDFBear is an online platform that can help you with various PDF services. One of the services they offer is that it allows you to repair PDF files, which is useful when you still cannot open the document after attempting to fix the file.

Repairing PDFs in PDFBear is easy since you can do the process even if you are not tech-savvy. Do these procedures below to be successful in fixing your PDF document.

Choose “Repair PDF”

The first step is to select the “Repair PDF” option amongst many choices. Go to their official website at pdfbear.com, if you are not able to access this website from your location try using bestvpn to then open the website and you should find the option on their homepage. 

You can also access this service by hovering your mouse pointer into the “All tools” menu. Find the “Repair PDF” text under optimize PDF category and click that option.

Upload the corrupt PDF file

After the website redirects you to the “Repair PDF” webpage, upload the corrupt PDF file from your device. Wait a few seconds for the website to analyze and process your document.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to upload your files from Google Drive or Dropbox with repair PDFBear. Please download the PDF file to your device if you want to fix the document with this website.

Download the PDF document

Once the process is complete, you can now download the PDF file to your device. Click the blue-button that says “Download” and open the newly-fixed PDF document on your device. 

However, there can be some cases where the problem is severe that the website cannot repair the PDF document. In that case, you may have to consult professional help to fix the file. Don’t worry because PDFBear will not make the problem any worse.

Why is repairing PDF files on an online platform more convenient?

Repairing PDF files in websites like PDFBear does not need you to be tech-savvy and an expert. It only requires you to do simple steps that you can easily do with this guide’s help.

Using an online platform also avoids the possibility of damaging your device. If you are not an expert, you might damage your gadget instead of fixing the problem. 

Additionally, you can just leave it to the online platform system and simply relax as they solve the issue. You will not encounter a problem as long as you’ll use a trustworthy website like PDFBear.

Final Word

People use PDF file format for various purposes. Some examples are bank statements, school modules, and contract signings which are essential for a person. However, there can be cases where you receive corrupt PDF files, and thankfully, you can fix it with the help of an online platform such as PDFBear.

We hope that this article is helpful as your guide in repairing PDFs. Please let us know what you think about online platforms like PDFBear to fix your corrupt PDF documents.

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