overwatch patch notes

Overwatch Patch Notes: Blizzard Entertainment has delivered another fix update for its mainstream group-based multiplayer FPS game Overwatch. The Overwatch Patch Notes update zeros in just on equilibrium changes, which implies there will not be any new Overwatch skins or some other new substance showing up in-game.

The progressions made with the most recent fix are for Experimental just that it influences various legends. Along these lines, let us rapidly investigate everything showing up with the Overwatch Experimental fix notes.

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Overwatch patch notes 3.05:

The following trial in Overwatch has started by Overwatch Patch Notes Update. This time, engineers are hoping to get your input from players on the absolute most recent equilibrium changes.

The organization is utilizing the 2-2-2 Role Queue ruleset so players can discover what these equilibrium changes will mean for the game when it is life.

The following Hero updates are only made in Experimental:



  • Prevents critical headshot damage while the effect is active

Developer Comments: This will make Fortify more reliable at preventing large bursts of incoming damage and should help it feel more consistent as a defensive ability.


Hellfire Shotguns

  • Spread has been reduced from 8 to 6
  • Damage per projectile has been reduced from 7 to 6

Developer Comments: Reaper’s shotguns have a high damage potential but require a close range or large targets to fully utilize. We are now experimenting with smoothing this out by extending the range at which he can consistently deal damage while lowering the maximum damage of each shot.



  • Base Armor/ Health has been redistributed from 100/400 to 150/350

Developer Comments: With this change, Winston will be slightly more resilient against shotguns, beams, and weapons with a high rate of fire.

Wrecking Ball

Grappling Claw

  • Knockback strength has been reduced by 25%

Developer Comments: For how often it can occur, Wrecking Ball’s knockback is potentially too strong. The developers are reducing the distance it moves enemy players to bring it more in line with other low cooldown knockback abilities.

Developers have also deployed a small retail patch recently which can be view below.

Bounty Hunter

  • Bounty targets will lose their target status if they take too long to get a kill


  • Fixed a bug within the Bounty Hunter game mode where the Target status could become unavailable if the active Target left the game.

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