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The game of carrom has been with us since our very childhood. Almost everyone has played the game with parents and siblings at a certain stage in their life. However, the online version of carrom proves to be more fun and exciting. It promises extra features and an enjoyable experience with the availability of more rivals and interesting modes that are fun to play and explore. In the past few months, several new players have huddled to download online carrom games and get involved in the cyberspace of internet gaming.

The game is quite simple, like the original. The player has to pocket his choice of pucks and the main red puck before the opponent so that he can win the game. The game has won the hearts of everyone online and stands as one of the most popular online games at the moment. If you haven’t played the game yet, you should immediately download carrom game to get a taste of it.

Let us check out some of the facts that have made this game rise to crazy popularity with the mob of online gamers.

Element Of Nostalgia

Online carrom games hit close to the heart bringing back childhood memories to the young and old alike. Our generation seems to have gone past the stage where there is no time to have any indoor games around like ludo, snakes, and ladders that were such a rave during our childhood. Tim makes them seem like a play from ages ago.

As online carrom started to make its presence felt in the online market, players got a chance to relive their childhood memories through playing the game. With the easy-to-use format provided by carrom apps like MPL, it becomes convenient for the user to play the game with just a click used to download the game.

Easy To Play

The market recently observed that the players who prefer to play carrom in real life have opted to shift their experience to the virtual platform as it mirrors a similar experience and helps to add a certain comfortable factor to the game as the user can play it almost anywhere. It would be best to have a proper internet connection and a device to get on with the gaming. Within seconds players can match with a compatible rival and get to gaming with them instantly. The game also rarely requires your undivided attention, so you can make your strike and wait casually as your rival plays his.

Makes You Click With Online Players

To find someone who can read your moves clearly and put you up for a challenge is a tough job in real life. But it’s not the same with online carrom. While playing carrom online, you might encounter someone like-minded who will anticipate your moves and disrupt them accordingly. Players love a challenge when they see the other players pocket the queen or mess up a good arrangement on the board. This action gives the opponent a sense of admiration and camaraderie and makes them vibe, making the game more entertaining. 

You can even match with friends and family in this game and challenge them to play against you. Playing with relatives has been a great way to connect with them in a modern fashion.

Exercises The Mind

When playing carrom, players have to be extremely analytical of their shots as the game is passed on to the opponent after a single strike. Just like the original game in the virtual mode, players do not get the option of switching their positions to hit their shots, which would have made it more beneficial for them to score easy points. Instead, the player is provided with one seating position from where they have to crack the opponent’s move and make shots on their own and prevent any of their rival’s pucks from landing in a favorable spot.

Interesting Animations

The gameplay of online carrom is the most fluid as it has great animations to support it. The single factor that keeps pulling players back to online games is their ease on the eyes as they choose to stay glued to the screen for hours, and online carrom has done that brilliantly. For example, while making a shot, the player can easily see their play and pocket the pawn. The movement of the pucks on the board is also quite realistic and identical to the original game, with absolutely no glitches.

Play Whenever, Wherever

Playing real carrom requires preset timing, an arrangement with your friends, and even then, they do not work out in most cases. But online carrom does away with these liabilities. This version brings a user-friendly setting where you can choose your time of play. As a result, the game’s flexibility is quite attractive, and you will always find someone great to play with online. In addition, the stress of finding a challenging partner is eliminated by the online version of the game, where numerous players have hours of practice in-game.

The online version of carrom offers the user an experience that bridges them back to their childhood. This memory makes them keep coming back to the game regardless of where they may be. Players love the 1v1 concept and the digital tweaks that developers have added to this online game. The easy availability of players at all times and smooth interface make it one of the most loved virtual interpretations of a classic indoor game.

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