Mr Smith Had Four Daughters

‘Mr Smith Had Four Daughters’ puzzle has been going around on social media again. The ongoing coronavirus lockdown has put many of us under the constraints of their own houses. As more and more people practice social distancing and self-isolation, they need been finding unique ways to stay themselves entertained throughout the day.

While some spend time binge-watching TV shows and films , some enjoys reading books or playing board games. a replacement trend of puzzles going around to unravel on social media. With these various newer puzzles beginning for people to enjoys some brain-tickling activity, some older puzzles have also found their way back.

Mr Smith Had Four Daughters puzzle:

One such puzzle which has come back is that of Mr Smith Had Four Daughters. This fairly simple sounding puzzle has been going around social media platforms in abundance. Here is how it goes –

.Mr Smith had Four daughters, each daughter had a brother. How many children does Mr Smith have?
The answer to the present puzzle is fair simple but it’s important to understand that this puzzle plays around with words. during this iteration of the puzzle the word ‘had’ takes over much importance. it’s a stimulating puzzle which plays around with people’s mind by tricking people’s perception.

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If emphasized on the word ‘had’, then it means Mr Smith currently doesn’t have any kids. One must carefully check out the tense of the sentence. The sentence is made in past-tense which confirms that Mr Smith doesn’t have any kids now. On the opposite hand, there’s another version of the puzzle which changes the solution completely. Check it out below –
. Mr.Smith has 4 daughters. Each of his daughters has a brother. How many children does Mr Smith have?

In this iteration of the puzzle, the sentence ins formed within the present . Which ensures that Mr Smith currently has all his children with him. If each sister features a brother, then Mr Smith features a total of 5 children. This easy sounding yet tricky puzzle confuses people by the utilization of words and sentence formation.

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