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With many applications of the MP3 format mainly in video editing and construction, people often struggle with finding the correct mp3 format of the audio they like, and most often it’s a YouTube video that needs to be converted into an audio file. So, how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format using an Mp3 converter? Well, the answer is quite simple in the form of various online and software-based programs that do the job.

There are numerous amounts of Youtube to mp3 converting software and online algorithms that scrape YouTube videos for their audio and format them into a .mp3 extension. Literally, hundreds of them have surfaced on the internet over the past decade, helping aspirants trying to find the MP3 version of their favorite song, material, or an interview that has to be incorporated in some sort of study. MP3 converters are always useful in these sorts of applications.

While addressing these converters, a question often surfaces along the lines of “Well, ok? How do you use it and where can I find them?”

The internet is filled with multiple online and software-based programs that use scraping techniques to separate the audio from the video format and then convert it into a .mp3 extension allowing the user to incorporate them as separate audio files in their projects or just download them to listen later on.

They usually work by copy/pasting URLs of the YouTube videos in their search bar and the algorithm automatically detects and fetches the video for processing into a .mp3 file. Some of the online and software-based converters that are most prominently used throughout the world by users are as follows:


mp3 converter

Ythub is an online platform that is used for the conversion of YouTube videos into MP3 format via simple online fetch & scrape algorithms, all you need to do is to visit their website and paste the URL of the video you would like to convert, it gets the job done.

The most prominent features of this website are user-friendliness and the to-point interface that allows for efficiency the second most prominent feature of this website is the extremely fast processing speed, it only takes a few seconds to convert your file and download it. Although some ads might be in your way. But hey! I guess it’s justified for what we’re getting in return.


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Ontiva is yet another online video processing and converting program that utilizes the generic algorithms that separate audio from videos and then convert it into a .mp3 format, the most promising aspect of Ontiva that allows it to stand out is the actual interactivity between the user and the website, the user-friendliness and easy start-up allows for swift execution of the task at hand.

Ontiva also has a handsome number of features incorporated within the online platform such as multiple formats, it also supports multiple varieties of qualities and variants of MP3 allowing the user to choose with regard to their requirement. It also allows multiple formats such as WAV and a spectacular feature where the program allows you to convert entire playlists into audio or download them as a video.

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Similarly, like the first one, YTMP3 uses an online algorithm-based program that fetches and converts the video into an mp3 format but the main feature that makes it stand out is the option to choose between mp3 and other formats.

This online website stands out not because of its stylish themes & attractive features but mainly due to its functionality, it’s fast & reliable and does not nag the user with as many ads as the other converting programs.

Also, it does incorporate a dark theme, for added aesthetics to the website.


mp3 converter 4

Similarly, as previously defined, Youtube Downloader to MP3 is an online website-based conversion program that uses fetch & scrape methods to separate the audio from video files from YouTube, simply input the URL of the video you want to convert and it will quickly convert the file and prepare it for download in the blink of an eye.

But why does it stand out from the others? Mainly due to the fact that it has much more functionality than the rest of them. The most prominent feature is cloud support, the website allows the user to directly upload their converted files to their respective cloud storage like DropBox and Google Drive. It also allows downloads in a format other than just MP3

Another feature that makes it stand out is that it is supported on multiple platforms, whether it be a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, it supports all of them. The lack of a limit on the number of conversions also makes it a good choice.


mp3 converter 5

Now for software-based conversion programs, free download HQ is a personal choice! It is a windows/Mac program that supports and is also available on iOS and Android platforms such as tablets and smartphones, this program is a one in all, one-stop solution for all external downloading needs, whether it be downloading videos from YouTube, converting videos into audio formats such as MP3 or downloading Instagram posts and stories, it does it all.

The overall experience of the application is flawless, the number of features it provides considering that it is a free-to-download application is overwhelming, there is no limit of downloads or conversion, it allows batch mode where you can convert multiple videos from different platforms into audio or just download them one by one.

The application also doesn’t have any sort of data cap, which means you are free to download large-sized files that other online-based applications might not allow.

The application also claims to be virus-free and during the initial download, the anti-virus didn’t post any threats, so that claim seems to be true.

Considering the user-friendliness and overall performance, it has a lot of features for a free application and allows the user to fully submerge in the interactivity of the application. 

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