Movie4me: We all love movies and there’s just so much more to watching movies than just entertainment. Movies let you feel all those raw human emotions: excitement, fear, love, hatred, joy, sorrow, etc. It allows you to spend some time enjoying and feeling things in a great way. Movie4me is a one-way ticket for entertainment.

If you’re someone who loves watching movies, then you’re at the right place because in this article we will tell you about this fantastic website where you can download 1000s of movies for free. Sounds great, eh? But just to let you know, there’s a lot more to it!

Let’s take you on a ride. To begin with, the website lets you download all sorts of movies including new latest released movies and old movies, without any hassle. Movie4me is a one-stop shop (No! Not shopping but, downloading, that too for free!) for all movie lovers. Movie4me has a vast collection of movies from all over the world including Hollywood, Bollywood, Gujrati, Marathi, South Indian, etc. with a variety of genres.

All these fun movies and entertainment offered by movie4me are just a download away with the finest display and HD quality. In the last few years, the entertainment industry has witnessed some huge developments. Some advancements have happened in the film industry. These developments have considerably changed the experience of watching movies. In the entertainment industry, movies rank number one. Movies are a popular medium of entertainment. Bollywood and Hollywood films are very relatable. Bollywood actors are regarded as gods by many individuals.

Individuals like to see films to divert their minds from everyday stress. They are used to cut boredom. Nobody can claim that they have not seen any film or do not love watching movies. Almost everybody loves watching movies, though the movies they watch differ according to their interest. Some people like to see science fiction, whereas some love to see biographical films. 

A few decades back, watching movies was a cumbersome activity. Individuals used to stand in long rows to buy tickets. Even then, it was difficult for some to manage to get tickets due to the heavy rush. Then they had to travel a long distance to visit movie theatres to watch the film. It was how things were in the past. But now, things have turned 180 degrees around.

Many people were irritated by this hectic process of watching films. But with digitalization, technology improved, and it turned out to be advantageous for people. 

Now individuals can see the latest movie, TV shows, and web series without going anywhere. They no longer have to struggle to watch movies. At the ease of their home, Individuals can watch movies on their android phones.

Since this technology has proved beneficial for people, movie-makers are making the best use of it. They are producing content that can be released directly on the web. The outcome of this is OTT platforms like Hotstar and Voot.

The OTT platform shares entertainment content that viewers can easily access. These Over-the-top platforms are legal and adequate to watch and download movies. However, many Illegal websites have emerged that are betraying viewers. One such website is movie4me. In this article, we will discuss this particular website. 

What exactly is movie4me?

Movie4me is a pirated website that allows you to download and watch movies for free. It has an enormous collection of movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, Gujrati, Marathi, Telugu, South Indian movies, dual audio, etc. You name it and they got it!

Movie4me isn’t going to disappoint you as it’s always updated with the new and latest released movies. you can download countless movies and enjoy them without having to pay for them.

Movie4me is a user-friendly website. It’s the fastest-growing Tamil and Malayalam movie online streaming or downloading website in India.

movie4me download

You’ll get all the latest released movies on this website anytime. You can find the pirated print of any latest movie on movie4me as soon as it is released. It provides movies in HD quality, full HD, 1080p, 720p, 480p, Mkv, dual audio, etc. free without any added headache of registrations or subscriptions.

Movie4me is unique in consistently providing the latest released movies for free. This website allows you to download movies from new latest released movies to old classic movies, by simply clicking on the link provided for that movie. By clicking on the link you’ll get enough information that’ll help you understand whether you like to watch the movie or not.

But before you start downloading, we would like you to hang in there and know that it’s an illegal website which means that downloading movies from movie4me is illegal and can lead to heavy fines and punishments. Also, movie4me shares personal information and data without its user’s consent and poses a serious threat to the user’s privacy.

Bollywood Movies on the Movies4me website 

People hurry to watch the latest released film, be it a Bollywood movie or a Hollywood movie. Within a few days of the release, individuals want to know every detail related to the movie. They read about its star cast, the story, and reviews. To get the best knowledge about it, people put their queries over the web.

If individuals are satisfied with the movie review, they consider going out to watch movies in the theatre. But at that time, the web gets flooded with some different types of queries. These queries are not concerned with movie reviews. These queries are related to ways to download the latest films without any payment.

People look for ways to download movies online without purchasing premium subscriptions. People choose to watch films online for free rather than going out to theatres. The movie4me website is thus, designed for the latter kind of people. They browse the movies4me website to play and download the latest content for free. 

The Movie4me website provides the latest Bollywood and movies from other industries to download for free. They do not ask for any money for their facilities from the viewers. Within a few days of the movie’s release, it shares the content on its page from where people can download it.

Millions of people in India and from other countries visit this website. A vast number of viewers visit this website. Other than Bollywood movies, the movie4me website also shares Hollywood and Telugu movies. The movie4me website is widely popular and used by a considerable amount of netizens. 

But regrettably, these individuals are unaware that the movie4me website is an Illegal website. Yes, to be bluntly honest, movie4me is a website that uploads pirated movies. It is not a legal website. In my research, I got to know about it. This fact was very shocking. The fact is distressing is that it is functioning against the law of our country. Movie4me website leaks movies from their references without copyrights.

Movie4me website

The popularity of the Movie4me website

The Movie4me website is very famous. It has maintained a strong online presence. In the above passage, I have pointed out individuals from all around the globe visiting this website. They explore its content. Now some of you might wonder how come I got to know this information about the movie4me website.

I used some analytical devices, surveys, and online devices to collect this information. After testing this website on these analytical tools, the result was shocking. People, while browsing the movie4me website, do not realize that they are using an Illegal website. They do not know they are risking their security. 

Many individuals are baffled by the popularity of the movie4me website. The amount of visitors that the movie4me website receives is startling. By doing some manipulation, the movie4me website diverted traffic to its website. Many different factors and causes are responsible for the functioning of the movie4me website. Thus, in the next few passages, I will share my knowledge about this website with you. 

The points that will follow are generally the manipulation and technical expertise used by these website owners to achieve a significant amount of traffic. Almost all movie piracy websites including the movie4me website, use these techniques. So please be alert when using any such website. On the first hand, kindly avoid using such websites. 

The viewers of the Movie4me Website

The movie4me website has followers worldwide. How these websites attract their target audience is a piece of common knowledge but unique in their way. Let us understand this with the help of an example.

Let us suppose you want to buy shoes. You will visit the market. There you explore a shop that has branded shoes that are selling for $300. The condition of those shoes is up to the mark. They are of a decent design. You love shoes, but then you think about exploring other shops in the market as well.

Then you can explore other shops that are selling the same quality and brand shoes for $80. The shoe looks almost the same as the branded one you saw in the previous store for $300. The quality of these shoes, however, is not up to the mark of the branded ones. The quality is much substandard. One may say they are the copy of branded shoes. Despite knowing that the shoes are not up to the mark like the branded shoes, few individuals will still buy them. 

It is human nature. Websites like movie4me target people who think this way. Individuals around the globe visit websites like movie4me to browse movies and download content. Individuals have a higher tendency to search the movie4me website and other, alike websites to download movies. All of us want to get easy access to websites and download movies for free. And, such audiences become vulnerable targets of websites like movie4me. 

Bollywood Movies on Movie4me website 

Bollywood movies are also called Hindi or Indian cinema. It is so because the majority of Bollywood movies are made and shot in India. It mostly casts Indian actors and releases in the Hindi language. The Bollywood movies industry is quintessential. Even Bollywood actors are recognized worldwide.

Bollywood actors leave a massive impact on their audience. They are loved and respected by all. This industry began with black-and-white movies without sound. Gradually things changed the Bollywood cinema. Colored films came with soundtracks. From the very beginning, Indians got attracted to Bollywood movies.

A few decades back, people used to be glued to their television sets to watch movies whenever the movies got broadcasted. At other times, individuals used to wait in crowded lines to buy film tickets. Sometimes passes got sold out, and people could not manage to get a movie ticket.

Indians go gaga over Bollywood movies and Bollywood stars. Millions of individuals want to download these Bollywood movies for free from the movie4me website. Due to free subscription offers the websites like Movie4me and other such websites receive enormous traffic.

The audience who wishes to download the movies for free at the earliest is the one who visits websites like movie4me. There are not many online platforms that provide movies for free to download. Thus viewers rush to these limited options to watch movies online. They do not bother to find out whether the website is secure or not. Therefore, Bollywood movies become the primary target of websites like movie4me.

Hollywood Movies On The Movie4me Website

The Hollywood movie industry is at the top in the ranking of the entertainment industry. It is at the top in the concept of funding, tech advancements, themes, and filmmaking enterprises. Hollywood movies primarily function in the United States.

These films are seen by individuals worldwide. Hollywood industry is the top business that gathers the highest income from all around the planet. It is among the top five movie industries that gain maximum profit all across the world. Hollywood leaves a considerable impact on audiences worldwide. 

Hollywood movies are in English languages which are understood by people all around the world. Further, the Hollywood industry provides movies in a variety of languages. Sometimes subtitles are also released in various languages for the audience. It is to reach a wider audience. It is also one cause for its popularity.

A large percentage of the audience attempts to locate these Hollywood movies. They try to find online websites and download movies for free. Many people explore the movie4me website to download Hollywood films. 

Movie4me website leaks movies from the Hollywood industry. It shares them online without the permission of the owner. Individuals without any hurdle access these movies. They download them from there ignoring the fact that the website is functioning Illegally.

Though the government regularly keeps an eye on these websites, they manage to operate despite that. So far, they have accomplished hiding from the authorities. The government, whenever, comes across any such website, bans them.

The cyber authorities block these websites. But the website owner figures out ways to function despite the ban. The Producers of the Hollywood industry are very firm with copyright issues. They are strict against the function of Illegal movie piracy websites like movie4me. 

Telugu Movies on the Movie4me Website

In India, the Telugu film industry has considerable value. People in South India love Telugu films. The dubbed adaptations have viewers worldwide. Telugu is an Indian language, and it is one of the most used dialects in India.

The Telugu language is the language used in Andhra Pradesh and the Telangana domains of India. This industry has created numerous great motion pictures, and they have additionally begun focusing on the crowd from different dialects. They now dub their films in various dialects and afterward release them around the world. Subsequently, these days Telugu films are liked by a lot of people from different nations too. 

In this way, Telugu films become the target of sites like movie4me and others. In the past, many movies got released on these websites, even before the theatres screened them. This sort of leak of films on the movie4me website causes misfortune in the income for a Movie and filmmakers. Sites like movies4me bear a ton of inconvenience. Aside from the monetary loss, the stars who work in the film likewise do not get legitimate acknowledgment from the individuals. 

The leading actor or the supporting cast expects appreciation for the persistent effort they put into a film. Individuals who visit sites like movie4me can never regard the difficult work of the star cast. It is also hard to review a movie, once viewed by all, on these websites. 

Info Of Movie4Me APK:

App Title Movie4Me
Model v3.0
File Dimension 1.Four MB
Requirement Android 4.Zero and above
Languages English
Final Up to date 2-December-2020
License Free is one of the most searched websites on web browsers. In the middle of my research, I came across some facts about the movie4me website. This keyword was recommended several times by a lot of tools.

I used a lot of devices and analytical tools to make this article definite and informative. Then I thought of narrowing down the keyword movie4me. In my research, I found that it is one of the most browsed terms on the web. 

In my opinion, is likely to be one of the domain names of the movie4me website. The movie4me Website is not legal. The government of India has blocked many domains of the movies4me website. also appears to be one of the blocked domain names of the movie4me website.

I was not able to find out about this Website on Google. The movie4me website has been functioning for a long time by using unique domain names. Once the government bans them, websites like movies4me relaunch themselves with unique domain names. They use similar domain names.  

The owners of these websites only want to attract as many people as possible. Thus they attract an audience by using new names that resolve the old domain names. However, the authorities regularly investigate such websites. Whenever any such Website is detailed, the concerned authorities ban it immediately. In the following paragraph, you will find a list of the domain name of the movie4me website recently blocked by the government. During my research, I came across various domain names on this website. I have mentioned them in this article. 

Movie4me – dual audio movies:

There are several websites like movie4me that encourage people to use these illegal websites to download and watch pirated movies. Just like any other pirated website, movie4me also uploads a pirated copy of the movies as soon as they’re released, to keep its visitors hooked to it. Moreover, this makes the user go to movie4me as soon as any movie is released, to stream it online.

Movie4me is famous for uploading newly released movies within a short period, making them readily available to its users. By this, people can just download and enjoy watching these movies within the comfort of their homes without having to pay for them which means losses for the people in film making business.

People also search for movies:

  • Movie4me in Bollywood Movie
  • Movie4me Hollywood Movie
  • Movie4me Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movie
  • Telugu Dubbed Hindi Movie
  • Movie4me South Movie Hindi Dubbed
  • Marathi Movie
  • Punjabi Movie
  • Bengali Movie
  • Movie4me cc Bhojpuri Movie
  • Movie4me cc Gujrati Movie
  • Urdu Movie

New Links of Movie4me:


Advertisement Network On the Movie4me website 

Networks are very pivotal for a website. It is a method for them to gain profits. Websites attempt to gain profit with their blogs and content along with traffic using various advertisement networks. These networks are to serve the purpose of advertising the front display page of the website.

The regulators of the advertisement pay money to the website. They attempt to promote their product or services using advertisement networks. Adsense is the most common advertisement network. A lot of websites make use of it. A lot of websites at the moment are actively distributing Adsense advertisements to viewers. Adsense is one of the most valued platforms. It is part of Google and pays a significant amount of money to the distributors. However, it has strict policies and regulations. 

The terms and conditions of Adsense are that it will pay a website only if the content on the website page is original. It means that the website admins should not use plagiaristic content. Now, websites like movie4me share content without copyrights, so Adsense does not associate with it in any manner. Adsense never associates with a movie piracy website like movie4me. 

Therefore, movies4me cannot use Adsense. Instead, they use other advertisement networks. These networks do not have such strict terms and conditions about the content of a website. The ad networks they look for only prioritize the traffic on a website. These ad networks also agree to collaborate with Illegal websites like movie4me since they receive vast traffic. Such kind of ad networks only distributes pop-up advertisements.

Watching such ads can sometimes become very bothering and irritating for the viewer. In many cases, users just close the tabs of their system. They choose to leave the website due to such repetitive and unuseful ads. 

It is not suitable for a legit website, and therefore a legit website never uses it. The nature of advertisement is also not the best on these ad networks. Therefore legal websites never use them. They do not want to mislead their viewers. Thus, movie4me can not work with these advertisement services, so they switch to other advertisement resources.

The Redirection of Traffic on the movie4me website

Redirecting traffic to other websites is another way through which these websites earn money. The Movie4me website and similar websites commonly use this manipulation. Though no security-concerned website would want to collaborate with such a website, they manage to find their associates in some way or another.

So the movie4me websites charge other websites a few bucks to channel their traffic into their website. Individuals who visit the movie4me website are redirected automatically to another website. It’s a manipulation they use to earn finances. 

Numerous legal websites also channel their traffic, but that redirection is not the same as this one. They are always worried about their viewers and their needs. However, websites like movie4me do not think about their viewers at all. In such scenarios, the users are likely to leave the website.

But if you check the bounce rate of websites like movie4me with any analytical tool, you see that their bounce rate is minimal. The reason is that viewers of these websites only want to download the movies for free from their websites. Therefore even after multiple redirections that users have to tolerate, the user continues to hold on to websites like movie4me.

But such kinds of ad networks and redirection can be a potential threat to our security. These networks and redirections can be a means to conduct online fraud. Yes, one can never be sure about such ads network and redirection.

One must never trust such a website. Individuals must avoid using such websites that manipulate them via redirection and pop-up advertisements. Thus, the government of India has also released alerts regarding websites like movie4me.

Is The Movie4me Website Legal?

Many times individuals are not aware of the site’s legality. They skip over issues such as whether the website is legal or Illegal. Let me once again tell you that the movie4me is not a Legal Website.

The Indian Legal authorities have issued a warning to this website. The legal and cyber authorities have blocked its domains, such as,, and, movie4me trade, movie4me fun, movie4me, et cetera. Several times people have been told to avoid visiting websites like movie4me. My advice will also remain the same. Individuals must strictly avoid such websites and choose safe and secure alternatives. 

What are the best legal options to watch movies?

Everyone loves movies and free movies are like a cherry on top. There are dozens of websites like movie4me that are offering free videos and movies to download and enjoy which include several genres and languages to choose from.

But all these websites are illegal and contain pirated movies that are not allowed by the government to download and watch. And it stays a punishable crime. Watching movies from these sites can land you in legal difficulties that nobody would want to be in.

 But don’t panicas we have compiled a list of websites from where you can download and legally watch your favorite movies. Thus, preventing you from legal complexities.

In today’s era, where everything is fast-paced and nobody wants to wait for days just so their favorite shows, movies, or series can come on air on T.V or other legal platforms. There are some websites and OTT platforms (i.e. doesn’t require a usual subscription to cable or pay service) like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon prime video, MX player that allows users to watch and enjoy their favorite shows within few days of their official release.

The movie4me website is not legal. However, individuals can explore other secure websites that provide movies to download. All of us want to access movies easily. Watching movies is a fun-filled activity. Therefore, there are many alternatives available. Not only Movies but these alternative websites and applications also provide TV shows and web series.

There is a long list of shows available on these OTT platforms which individuals can see and enjoy. These OTT platforms release movies, and on most of these platforms, you can download the content to watch later. 

Now, many individuals will argue that one has to pay for these facilities. Yes, most of these facilities are purchased, but you are only required to pay a reasonable amount of money. With a fair price, you can make use of all their content. Also, unlike the movie4me website, these OTT applications are very secure. Many people use these platforms to browse and download movies.

MX Player

MX player is among the top applications and alternatives to the movie4me website. In India, you can use this application for free, without paying for a premium subscription. There is a list of the most recent films and unique shows accessible on this application to look for free.

Furthermore, the point that it is free doesn’t imply that it is terrible. It is a genuinely reliable and excellent application and has more than 260 million viewers everywhere in the world. In 2019 when this application was released, it acquired recognition, and numerous individuals began downloading the application. It is an alternative to the movie4me website. Above all else, it is free, and besides, there is no restriction.

You can look at numerous films and shows that are available on MX Player. It is additionally an exceptionally protected application to use when contrasted with film piracy sites like movie4me. Also, interestingly, this application is lawful and safe. It works on a promotion-based income framework. Consequently, you do not have to pay for any of its content.


Individuals additionally use Netflix as an option in contrast to the movie4me site. Since this application is used all around the globe and numerous individuals use it routinely. Netflix is a global OTT platform that permits you to stream limitless motion pictures and unique shows on its page. 

There are different engaging shows and web series accessible on Netflix that individuals can watch and appreciate. Numerous recent films are additionally accessible on this OTT platform. These motion pictures are from Bollywood, Hollywood, and several other film industries. Thus, Netflix is a membership-based application. Although, you can access this platform on a free monthly trial subscription. 

How to download any movie from movie4me?

Downloading movies from movie4me is very easy as it’s a user-friendly website. You can download movies from movie4me as its design and structure are simple and easy to work with. you can enjoy movies on your mobile phone even if you don’t have a laptop or computer.

One thing about these websites is that their domains are always changing so you should know the latest ones to download and watch new and latest movies.

Though, Google AdSense doesn’t approve of these illegal, pirated websites, so they earn on their own via a third party like popup Ads, which can affect your mobile devices, and nobody wants that!

If you are still not clear about the downloading process and attributes, we’ll give you some brief information about it.

To download movies.

  • Go on to their website.
  • Choose your category, they are on the top of the page.
  • Go to that movie page by clicking on it.
  • Here you’ll get all the information related to the movie you selected.
  • Choose the quality of the movie you want to watch
  • Click the download button to start downloading the movie.

If you are looking for Substitutes for this Illegal movie4me website:-

  1. Worldfree4u
  2. Movierulz
  3. Kuttymovies
  4. Mp4moviez
  5. Movie4me
  6. Sdmoviespoint
  7. Moviespapa
  8. Downloadhub
  9. Moviesflix
  10. skymovies
  11. Katmoviehd
  12. Downloadming
  13. Khatrimaza
  14. Filmywap
  15. Jalshamoviez

Why you should avoid downloading movies from movie4me?

Movie4me is not a legal website and contains pirated content, considering this use of this website has a lot of serious drawbacks. It is advised that you should avoid using these websites at all costs. Because visiting these websites is considered illegal and can put you in hot water.

Movie4me 2020 is causing serious setbacks to Kollywood and Tollywood by leaking movies and making them available to the audience. This way people can download and watch movies without having to pay for these movies.

Movie4me uploaded countless blockbuster movies on the first day of its release. It includes super-hit movies like Avengers Endgame, Baahubali 2, Darbar, Sarileru, and Neekevvaru. All these movies were great hits.

According to some reports, the film industry loses roughly around $2.8 billion every year because of downloads from these illegal websites.

Illegal torrent websites are very popular among Indian viewers as they provide easy and quick downloading of movies without much effort. That is what makes them the second largest users of these illegal websites.

The government policy to halt users of illegal websites:

As the government understands that piracy and recording of movies in cinemas don’t only affect the quality of the uploaded content but also contribute to causing disturbance among the viewers in the cinema, it is taking a revolutionary step to stop piracy.

The Indian cinematography act passed in 2019, has strong laws against piracy which implies that any individual found recording movies in the cinema without the producer’s content can face up to 3years of imprisonment.

Not only this, but the act also suggests a fine of 10 lac INR be imposed on the culprits to avoid any such incidents in the future. Furthermore, those circulating illegal torrent links and movies are not also exempted from the law.

Movie4me Movies Anti-Piracy law:

The website has been quite the talk of the town for illegally uploading Tamil content, mp3 songs, trailers, and tv series.

But, this kind of activity is greatly discouraged by people all over the world. Bollywood actress, Alia Bhatt encourages the Indian audience to avoid streaming and downloading movies from pirated sites including moives4me. She encourages viewers to watch legal, authorized sites, and support original content.

This does not usually create a problem for producers who invest a good amount of money in their movies having famous actors and cast, however, it causes problems for producers who release movies with new faces and low budgets.

The movies sometimes have a good script and story, but the audience hesitates in spending money on a ticket for a new actor/actress.

Though, if you are doubtful about watching a movie in the cinema and don’t want to spend money on something, you’re not sure about, you can always watch them on registered sites for authentic content. The most liked websites for the online streaming of movies are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and AltBalaji.

Action Taken Against movie4me:

Due to many advanced technologies, it is very difficult to find the person running the website as they take care of all these limitations. But this is not the case in the USA, the protocols are different, and they try their best to keep people safe from piracy and illegal sources of entertainment.

This can help to some extent, but it is our responsibility as an individual to play our part to make this possible. As a society, we should support our cinemas and avoid unethical practices. We must be responsible citizens and appreciate the real content and avoid these faulty practices at all costs.


We neither support promoting any piracy or torrent websites. We respect the Indian constitution and know how dangerous is to download content from piracy websites such as,,,, or, or any other movie downloading website.

The content shown above is solely to provide our readers with the necessary information about illegal activities. We do not intend to encourage our readers to use piracy or torrent websites. We urge our readers to stay away from such kinds of websites.

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