Modern Eyewear Styles

Nowadays, smart gadgets are everywhere – people have phones, watches, speakers, and other devices that make their life easier thanks to modern technologies. Everything that seemed unreal in the past comes true in our times! For example, much earlier, we could see smart glasses with amazing features only in fantastic movies, but now, eyewear manufacturers have started to put cameras and headphones into sunglasses or eyeglasses to create new devices.

Some glasses can work like AR devices that project a screen into the corner of the eye. Thanks to modern technologies, simple accessories have got almost unlimited features to satisfy wearers. Let’s take a look at several pairs of “super-glasses” you can easily buy at the nearest eyewear store.

  1. Ray-Ban Stories. These are unique smart glasses developed by Ray-Ban and Facebook. You can easily choose from various styles and colors to match your taste and personal requirements. It’s possible to take pictures and videos with these glasses, and then upload this content using your Facebook account. This model of smart glasses is equipped with headphones but it doesn’t have an AR display, though Facebook plans to make it in the future. For those people who want to have fun with pics and videos, Ray-Ban Stories seems like a stylish accessory!
  2. Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses. These stylish sunglasses feature integrated speakers, an 8MP camera, and AR capabilities. The right lens of these glasses has a full-color display to show all the needed information. It’s possible to pair this device with the smartphone to get notifications from your phone on glasses. Thanks to high-quality microphones, you can make calls and use voice control. Vuzix Blade provides excellent protection from the sun for your eyes, and they are also available with prescription lenses if needed. 
  3. TechKen Sunglasses. Modern-looking and lightweight, these sunnies feature Bluetooth headphones. This model is ideal for those people who like exercising outdoors: just wear these sunglasses and listen to your favorite music without any risk of losing your earbuds. TechKen sunnies are also equipped with a microphone to make calls (of course, you have to pair your glasses with the smartphone beforehand). You can easily play and pause music, answer calls, and adjust the volume using buttons on the frame. Of course, these glasses may not seem so “futuristic” as other smart models, but you can find them at an acceptable price!
  4. Bose Frames. This accessory looks just like regular sunglasses, but it is available with built-in speakers to listen to your favorite music just when you want. If style means a lot for you, the manufacturer offers to choose from five different shapes to suit your taste and outfit. The Bose Frames are equipped with AR features that are in the early stage still, but anyway they can give wearers a possibility for amazing AR audio experiences. This device has no volume controls, unfortunately.
  5. Snap Spectacles 3. These high-tech and modern-looking sunglasses are available with four high-quality microphones and two HD cameras to capture 3D photos and 60 fps videos with a wonderful sound. When two lenses on top corners of the frame snap, they take photos from two various angles, creating a final image with a 3D effect. It’s simple to connect this frame with your smartphone using Bluetooth to upload any taken content wherever you want. These glasses come with a charging case that can charge your pair very quickly to 50% in 15-20 minutes only! You can select from two stylish colors of this smart frame: traditional black and fashionable rose gold. 

Whether you want to buy smart glasses because you’re interested in testing new technologies or you dream to impress your friends with an amazing device, you have a great variety of high-tech accessories to select from! Nowadays, glasses do not only care about your eyes and bring a new style to your wardrobe, but they also become a new digital accessory to simplify your life and have some fun!     

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