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Leaflet distribution is used by loads of different companies and businesses around the world in order to ensure people get their leaflets delivered, door to door, to homes, in order to reach respective clients and potential customers.

If you’d like to learn more about leaflet distribution, like The Private Postman, and how it can be a benefit to your business or company, how long it takes to deliver them, and how much it costs to distribute, then continue to read this article.

How Do You Distribute Leaflets?

There are a lot of ways to have your leaflets distributed, but the most common and popular way is to have them delivered through devoted businesses designed and known for such a role. 

A business that is experienced with this sort of thing will offer you plans and insights as to what will work best for you and your campaign. Here are a few examples.

Knowing how to target your audience and having the deliveries a bit small, is definitely ideal when your first start up your leaflet distribution campaign. This is because you want to be sure the audience you’re reaching is correct and you won’t waste too much money on people who won’t be interested in your services or products.

That being said, if you’ve had customers prior, and you have their address available, especially if they’ve signed up for newsletters, be sure to send them the distributed leaflets. This makes sure that they’ll come back to you again soon or in the future for your product and or services.

When it comes down to how you or these businesses will deliver the leaflets, you can have them distributed by handing them out on the street, placing them inside packages that customers have purchased, or delivering them door to door. Other ways could include asking shops to display them, or collaborating with other businesses and asking for them to feature the leaflets.

How Long Does It Take For People To Get Leaflets That Are Distributed?

How long it takes for people to get leaflets when they’re distributed by companies or businesses, can vary. It all really depends on how you want your leaflets delivered, as discussed prior, among other things. 

As you may as well guess, it takes time for distributors to deliver leaflets door to door. A single distributor on a typical 7-8 hour day, generally delivers around 1,000 leaflets. This again can vary, however, depending on the area that they are delivering in, like if it’s in a city, suburban, or more of a rural area. 

Walking distance between houses needs to be included in this time fact, and how the introduction goes, of course only if that’s the process you’re wanting. Other times distributors can just put it in people’s letter boxes and be on with their day.

Other factors to consider are the type of people you’d be targeting for the leaflets, whether it be an age requirement, gender, etc. The time of day you’d be delivering, as well as the occasional date/month, needs to be also considered.

Packages or deliveries on the other hand take as long as the package gets to the customer. The time frame can’t be specific as it depends on when the package is delivered, how big it is, etc.

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How Much Does It Cost To Distribute Leaflets?

The time it takes in order to deliver leaflets can be different for a lot of reasons. This can be from how they’re delivered if you’re also including printing costs, postage or mailing costs, the business or agency you hired to deliver the leaflets, etc.

When it comes to having them posted, the price could average around £48 to £85, or more, for 1000 leaflets. But it depends on the business and its deals, the creation process (printing, card crafting, etc), delivery, and the type of package you have with the company.

To get more of an accurate price range, you’d have to book a consultation with the business or agency you’re wanting to work with to distribute the leaflets. A lot of the time these sessions are free, and you don’t have to pay until the order is in motion.

Meeting with a consultant in the agency for leaflet distribution, like The Private Postman, should be a top priority, so you can be sure that the business can get your needs fulfilled, prices are discussed so you know what you’re getting into, and everything goes according to plan.

Final Thoughts

Leaflet distribution can be really hard on businesses and companies when they do it themselves, so it’s better to leave it to professionals, like The Private Postman, who has experience when it comes to manufacturing and delivering and handing out these pamphlets.

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