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Kelly Vedovelli known for her talent behind the turntables or TPMP Kelly Vedovelli, Kelly Vedovelli was born in 1990. Before making her name as a DJ, the young woman studied as a make-up artist.

TPMP Kelly Vedovelli Earlier Life

Kelly Vedovelli is a French model, DJ, and television columnist born on March 27, 1990. She is known for her role in the music video for the song Bella in 2013 and then in the TV show Touche pas à mon poste! ( TPMP) from 2017, as a DJ and then as a columnist.

Kelly Vedovelli studied make-up, which she financed by working as a hostess. While Kelly Vedovelli is the hostess for the show Canal Football Club, on December 9, 2012, Kelly Vedovelli takes her place as a spectator in the field of cameras, behind the host Hervé Mathoux. Many viewers notice her for her beauty.

kelly vedovelli hot

Kelly Vedovelli made her debut in the event where she officiated for several years. Kelly Vedovelli’s life changed dramatically when she attended the filming of the show Canal Football Club. Placed just behind the presenter, Kelly draws attention to her and is soon hired by the rapper Master Gims, who offers to appear in her music video Bella. This video launches her career and the young woman quickly signs with a modeling agency.

Having become a model, Kelly Vedovelli joins Loana for an advertisement for the Gifi brand, which remains, to this day, one of her most important contracts. Besides fashion, the young woman has another passion: music.

For many years, Kelly Vedovelli has demonstrated a certain talent on the turntables and does not hesitate to perform at several VIP events. She then started full-time in this profession and attracted the attention of Cyril Hanouna. The presenter then hires him as a musical atmosphere for his show Touche pas à mon post! 2017.

Kelly Vedovelli is spotted while participating in a show on Canal. Born in 1990, she studied make-up and worked in events as a hostess. Very attracted by the world of television, she attends several TV shows in order to understand the workings of this profession.

Kelly Vedovelli Professional Life

In 2012, she took part in the channel show Canal Football Club as a spectator. Placed behind the host ofHervé Mathoux’sshow, the young woman is making the buzz on social networks: hundreds of Twittos are trying to find out her identity. The presenter even poses with her for the time of a photo, which is retweeted more than 1,300 times.

From that moment on, Kelly Vedovelli’s notoriety soared. The rapper Master Gims contacted her and asked her to participate in the music video for her song Bella. She then signed with a Parisian modeling agency and made an appearance in a GiFi commercial on the shores of Benjamin Castaldi and Loana.

Self-taught, the young woman is also a DJ. She is also spotted by Cyril Hanouna who asks her to join the show Touche pas à mon post! (Tpmp) as a DJ on September 4, 2017.

kelly vedovelli sexy

But it is often his anatomy that turns the heads of the TPMP columnists who surround him, such as Maxime Guény or Jean-Michel Maire. Very active on social networks, the young woman regularly shows up in light or sexy outfits, to the delight of her followers on Instagram.

Touche pas à mon poste or Tpmp Kelly Vedovelli cultivates her sexy image on social media. Last night, she unveiled a rather intimate photo, pretending something else…

In the great laundry show, Touche pas à mon poste Tpmp, held with a masterful hand by Cyril Hanouna, the host-chouchou of the boss Vincent Bolloré, some fade away, and others remain tenacious.

While the historic Valérie Benaïm, for example, has taken a step back from the program mainly because of minor health concerns, Kelly Vedovelli acts as a loyal soldier. The former C8 talk show DJette has also had absences in recent months, sometimes to the point of worrying fans. But everything is back to normal. Today, the columnist plays her role thoroughly, not hesitating to express herself, loud and clear, on certain subjects that are divisive or controversial.

Kelly Vedovelli nue

The pretty blonde, revealed as an extra in one of the clips of the rapper Gims several years ago, is actually followed by a large community of Internet users on social networks. She also makes regular use of Instagram, which she sometimes takes to reveal her sexiest part. Proof of this, this Monday, May 3, she revealed herself in an unusual outfit in front of the eyes of the general public.

Kelly Vedovelli offered herself from her bathroom, in an immaculate bathrobe slightly ajar on her naked body. The sketch of his intimate forms, before provoking the reaction of his many admirers, did not seem the main object of his post. “When fatigue is felt”notes rather, notes the woman, who thus emphasizes her face, which she finds equipped with dark circles which she would have done well.

kelly vedovelli nue

Observers don’t really get it. Like a certain Stéphane Tapie, son of the former president of Olympique de Marseille, who knows his comrade TPMP well. “It’s going to be worse,” he reassures her, an affectionate emoticon as a bonus.

Others, more anonymous, can only raise its incandescent beauty. Like this one, who riots: “Always the most beautiful woman on Instagram”. Or that other one, who adds, “You’re just beautiful.” The most lustful asking him outright to remove his bathrobe. An outrageous demand that is not likely to be met, of course.

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  1. Question: Who is Kelly Vedovelli (qui est kelly vedovelli)?
    Answer: Kelly Vedovelli known for her talent behind the turntables or TPMP Kelly Vedovelli, Kelly Vedovelli was born in 1990.
  2. Question: Why people Search TPMP Kelly Vedovelli?
    Answer: People Search TPMP Kelly Vedovelli because she works in Show which is  Touche pas à mon poste with Cyril Hanouna.
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  4. Question: How tall is kelly vedovelli (combien mesure kelly vedovelli)?
    Answer: 5 ft 5 in / 165 cm
  5. Question: where was kelly Vedovelli born (où est née kelly vedovelli)?
    Answer: Metropolitan France, France
  6. Question: Kelly Vedovelli Instagram?
    Answer: @kellyvedovelli

All the images are taken from (@kellyvedovelli) Kelly Vedovelli Instagram

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