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There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as being on a cruise ship in the open ocean. The waves go on for miles upon miles and before you know it, you’ll be at an awe-inspiring destination that allows you to visit beaches, take in local culture, and create some of the best memories you’ll ever make.

You might be wondering what could be better than a cruise vacation. Well, what if you were on a cruise ship most of the time? Ships employ thousands of people every season to ensure guests’ trips are memorable, safe, and what they always dreamed of. A wide range of employment options is available.

Personal Care Staff

Cruises 2022 spend days if not weeks on the water, which means that lots of people need personal care while their aboard. The personal care staff is responsible for ensuring that guests have everything they need to maintain their health, beauty, and well-being while they’re cruising. Hairstylists and nail technicians are common aboard cruise ships, as are massage therapists, beauty therapists, and fitness instructors.

Sailing and Navigation Staff

Just like cars need drivers and airplanes need pilots, cruise ships need captains and other people to make up a navigation team. The people who are responsible for the navigation of a cruise ship do everything from steer it to ensure the engines are working properly. The type of job you do will depend on your interests and your educational background. Typically, you’ll need to work up the totem pole to make it to the position of captain.

Deck Staff

If you are someone who wants to work on a cruise ship but aren’t sure where to begin or don’t have a background in hotel management, you can always consider starting as a member of the deck staff, especially if you’re willing to start your career on a smaller ship. Members of the deck staff are responsible for ensuring the ship is clean, well-maintained, and safe for passengers and employees alike. This means keeping the ship safe in accordance with both fleet regulations and international maritime laws. Another member of the deck staff is the purser, who is responsible for tickets, currency changes, and other money-related tasks for passengers.  

Service and Hospitality Management Staff

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant or a hotel, then you have a good idea of what the members of a cruise ship’s service and hospitality management staff are responsible for. Cooks, bartenders, hosts, waiters, and cabin stewards are all hospitality staff members. In addition, those who do housekeeping, do laundry or clean the common areas of the ship are a part of the hospitality staff. On small ships, these positions are generally an excellent choice for people who are just breaking into the industry. 

Entertainment Staff

What is a cruise ship without entertainment? The entertainment staff is one of the most important components of any ship. Do you sing or play an instrument? Maybe you have an awesome magic act, can juggle, or happen to be an excellent comedian. Chances are that you’ll find a cruise ship looking for your type of talent. Unlike traditional jobs, which you’ll apply for in traditional ways, you’ll likely need to audition for any entertainment job on a cruise ship. If you want to work in entertainment but aren’t sure your talents are up to par quite yet, you might also consider the jobs of cruise director or lighting or set designer. 

Medical Staff

Cruise ships can’t easily dock and head to a hospital if someone is in trouble, which means they keep doctors and nurses on staff to ensure the safety of guests and employees. If you work in the medical field and want a change of scenery, consider working aboard a cruise ship and enjoying your days off in a way you never imagined.

From small ships that take regional cruises to large ones that host thousands of people in international waters, all types of cruise ships require staff members to ensure their guests are entertained and safe. The best time to start applying for these jobs and make your dream come true is now.

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