Digital Technology

Technology has perforated every aspect of man’s life. The world has become dependent on technology. Not everyone included in the 7.3 billion world population has access to technology. Those privileged enough to have access depend on it for almost everything; learning, shopping, relating with others, and working.

According to new statistics, about 5 billion people globally use the internet as of July 2022, which is 63% of the world’s population. Digital technology encompasses all types of electronic appliances and gadgets using numerated information. It was initially manifested by the use of archaeological tools.

The digital revolution

The technological revolution saw the invention of locomotives, and eventually, one technology was replaced with a more sophisticated, if not better, technology. The digital revolution was marked by the replacement of analog electronic and mechanical technology. That was back in the 1950s when digital record keeping and computers were introduced.

It was not only about computers, but fans, mobile phones, and laptops were also part of the revolution, which went on until the late 1970s. The most significant invention in the digital world was the digital computer, with John Vincent Atanasoff being the brains behind it. He created the first electronic digital computer in 1930.

Thanks to him, people now have access to infinite information from the comfort of their homes, and they can also view their favorite shows and use a Thunderbolt casino coupon to play their favorite games.

The other side of technology

Advancements in digital technology have become infinite as different experts and tech geniuses are constantly coming up with better applications, gadgets, systems, and tech solutions. They are here to make life easier in education, business, medicine, transportation, and communication; the list is endless.

But people are seemingly becoming too dependent on technology. Most may not realize it, but humanity might be on the verge of becoming technological zombies. Here are some ways this is happening.

1. People no longer live in the moment

Say you attend a family reunion, and your phone is very slow because of the 50 GB worth of space used up by photos you’ve been storing for the past two years. But in this instance, you passionately want to turn the camera on and capture your grandmother’s speech.

However, as it happens often, before you clear up enough space to accommodate more videos and photos, your grandmother will probably almost be done talking, and you’ll have missed out on most of it. Studies show that digital technology has diverted people’s attention and preferences.

Today many people prefer capturing an activity instead of being an active participant, choosing recording over a real-time experience.

2. Brick and mortar stores are becoming extinct

Everyone wants to cuddle on the sofa and take advantage of online shopping, where they can order an item and have it delivered to their doorsteps. Retail stores have been adversely impacted for years, thanks to constantly losing customers to online stores. The pandemic only magnified this issue due to lockdowns.

Within the past three years, many retail stores have closed their branches, and online shopping is the biggest culprit. One cannot deny that digital technology is causing a shift in the natural balance, and land-based businesses are getting the short end of the stick.

3. Social media and internet addiction

Millions of people today are addicted to their phones, and now, social media addiction is an actual addiction diagnosis. Some have been sent home by their employers simply because of alarming unproductivity due to spending most of their work hours scrolling through their phones.

Students are among the most affected, becoming over-dependent on the internet for learning. It is standard not to care about getting the facts, and people assume that something is accurate as long as they got the information off the internet. Fortunately, all is not lost as children’s minds are getting more advanced since they also can focus on exploring progressive learning.

4. People are afraid to resolve conflicts face-to-face

Although text messaging is convenient, some serious or urgent matters are best-handled face-to-face. Employers have fallen for this trap, and it isn’t rare to hear of people getting fired over the phone. While communication over smartphones may seem convenient, it comes with some consequences.

Text messages and emails are prone to misinterpretation, primarily if a misunderstanding exists. Many conflicts would have been addressed better with an ideal outcome if people chose in-person conversations.

5. The Internet has become a necessity in the workplace

Since most employees are over-reliant on the internet, they can’t imagine working without it. Whereas in most businesses, you only need the internet 20 percent of the time. The rest of the time wasted on the internet results in businesses losing a big chunk of their productive hours.

Take away

This sums up some technological downsides that, in actuality, can be evaded. People should realize that things still got done before the digital technology era. Digital technology has undoubtedly been advantageous for humankind more than it has been destructive.

It is, however, vital to find a good balance. Use technology to make things simpler, giving yourself adequate time to explore other aspects of your life


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