When you’re putting your money on the line, you want your chosen gambling establishment to be legitimate. While extensive laws and regulations govern the business practices of casinos in the real world, this isn’t something that can be said for gambling sites. 

You shouldn’t link your financial information to any website Sattamataka143 that you don’t trust and, unfortunately, some gambling sites out there aren’t trustworthy. Here we’ve gathered some tips that will help you in finding out which sites are the real deal and which ones are just houses of cards.

You should do the legwork to find a site that’s right for you. If you were hoping for recommendations, you could swing by Stardust Casino to get a look at what genuine online casinos look like.

Look For Sites With A Story

Websites are like digital real estate, so they’ll often have a history of ownership and how they came to be the casino site that you find yourself at today. Setting up an online gambling house is no small feat, so they likely have a section about the site or the owners somewhere. If not, check for user reviews and other second-hand sources commenting on the site. Try and answer these questions:

  • When was the site started?
  • Do they have problems paying their customers?
  • Are there customer complaints online?

Everybody has had a bad experience in a casino at some point, they exist to take your money after all, but if there is a consistent trend of negativity aimed toward the site then they may not be reliable. Also, if the site’s history includes accreditations from national watchdog agencies then you’re likely dealing with a genuine site.

Not paying out winnings is the biggest red flag there. A site can have a murky past or other issues while still taking and giving money properly. New casino sites won’t have a history but may still be 100% legitimate and well-made, in which case you should test them using some of the other methods below.

Look For Popular Casino Sites

This one is easy – simply go to one of the big-league gambling sites that’s too large and too high-profile to be a scam. You’ll see how rigorous their user interfaces are, how many games they offer,  casino bonus strategy if you play there, and many other attractive features.

Through comparison, you can then take a look at your questionable site to see how they hold up. Has it been maintained? Are there links that have expired or does it have a drab and off-putting design? First impressions matter, a site that looks off might be that way for a reason, like a lack of effort or a careless attempt at suckering people out of their cash.

Test Their Games

Start by testing free-play options to see if the games work or at least provide the illusion of working. If they don’t, you’re dealing with a casino that’s not worth your time. That said, many might pretend to work in an attempt to get that cash deposit.

If you can afford it, you can put a small amount of money into the site to see how it is handled. Note that your financial information should be secured and your email will likely be sold to spam emailers, so this is something that should be done only when you’ve exhausted all other options. If you want to try a site without putting your card information into the site, many legitimate sites also offer cryptocurrency gambling that is much more secure.

Try and withdraw the money right after you put it in. If it works, that’s a huge point in the website’s favor.

Test Their Customer Service

Lastly, check there are actual people and an actual business behind the website. Whether it’s an abandoned ghost site or a carefully set trap, many unreliable sites won’t be able to take customer service calls and address real concerns in real-time. Try to call and speak to a human being instead of using a chat or email correspondence since they are easier to fake and are probably being controlled by a robot anyway.

If a site passes all of the above tests, they are likely a legitimate casino service.

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