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Nowadays, the workforces are usually in a work-from-home setup, especially if you’re in the field of client-based services. One of the best ways to work or collaborate with your colleagues is by sharing files like PDFs via link. This is also an efficient way to free up space on your devices for there is no need to download the whole file anymore. In addition to this, each team member can make real-time edits directly on the Cloud once the link is shared. In this article, we will show the complete guide on how to share PDF as a link with ease using LightPDF.

Why LightPDF is the best online way to share PDF links?

LightPDF is an all-in-one PDF solution for all users to create, edit, convert, annotate, and sign PDFs. Recently, it introduced its LightPDF Cloud service which allows you to store, manage, organize, and modify your PDF documents. Besides that, you can also share your files via a link with this tool in just a few simple clicks. Wherein you can collaborate with your colleagues to do a better project and edit the document at the same time. Check the listed steps below about how to share PDFs online using this tool.

 Upload PDF to LightPDF Cloud

  • Go to the official website of the tool. Click the “Get Started for Free” button to go to the LightPDF Cloud page.
    share pdf online
  • Or if you’re logged on for an account, you can simply hit the account profile icon. Choose the “Cloud” option and it will also redirect you to the LightPDF Cloud page.
    share pdf online
  • From here, click the “Upload” button to import the PDF files you want to save in the Cloud. You can add multiple files to this clod-based service without costing you a single penny.
    share pdf as link

 Share PDF as a Link 

  • Once the file is uploaded successfully, click the “”, and select “Share” to generate a PDF link.share Pdf
  • You can also open the PDF document if you still want to add some modifications to it.  It allows you to add signatures, annotations, and text to your document straightforwardly. If you’re done checking and reviewing your PDF, click the Share button located on the upper right of the interface. 
  • Set the permission by clicking the dropdown menu and choosing between the “Anyone with this link can view” or the “Anyone with this link can edit” option. Click the “Link copied” button to share the PDF as a link with your friends or colleagues.
    share Pdf as link online

Real-Time Collaboration 

Let us assume that you choose the “Anyone with this link can edit” and send the link to your colleagues. Once the file is shared, you can now start editing the project with your colleagues at the same by adding annotations, signatures, and many more. This makes it more convenient to access the files without the need to download them.

What’s more about LightPDF?

Apart from its Cloud feature, this program also offers multiple functions that allow you to convert multiple file formats to PDF. Further, this also provides editing functions that allow you to improve the PDF content by inserting multiple elements into the documents. These elements include watermarks, protection, signature, and annotations.

Many users also complement the ability of this web-based platform to process documents without losing content. Unlike other online platforms, it merges, OCR, compresses, and split PDF files in a competent way. No wonder many PDF users are getting attracted to this comprehensive program.


As we mentioned above, the workforces nowadays are in a work-from-home set-up. As you can see, LightPDF almost has features that can help you to solve your PDF problems. Aside from its Cloud feature wherein you can share PDF files online, this PDF online tool also lets you edit, convert, view, annotate, and sign PDFs, now go to LightPDF and work PDF in a new way.

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