How to open master lock without key

Are you reading this article on how to open master lock without key while you’re locked outside, unable to enter the house because you’ve misplaced your keys, or unable to unlock the box with a regular master lock? If this is the case, don’t be concerned. Here is some useful information on how to open master lock without key?

Processes in Steps for How to open master lock without key?

  1. Use bolt cutters to cut the padlock.

Because the diameter of the shackle is not too huge to make it difficult to open, this is a quick way for anyone to unlock a regular master lock. But there are more answers to how to open master lock without key.

Step 1: Select an appropriate pair of bolt cutters.

Not every kind of bolt cutter might be used for opening a master lock in the absence of a key. You’ll need a set of bolt cutters that happen to be around 22 or 24 inches long to produce sufficient leverage to unlock. The longer the bolt cutters are, the more likely it is that you can open locks with big shackle sizes.

Step 2: Use a vise or pliers to secure the lock.

This is an optional step. However, it will greatly assist you in limiting the movement of the lock. Once fixed, all that remains is to insert the cutters so that their two blades fit the shackle.

Step 3: Using indirect force, apply force on the cutters.

Because the cutters are positioned in a V shape, you must clamp the sides of the handles together to make a straight line. Because that is simply a theory, you can halt the process when enough force is exerted and the shackle snaps. But when you ask how to open master lock without key then there are more that you should know.

  1. Using a grinding tool, How to open master lock without key?

To grind metal, it can be anything. This method will assist you in removing all of the pins from the lock.

Step 1: Verify the lock’s orientation.

The shackles will be removed from that side. You can tell by looking through the keyhole. If either side has a lot of rough spots, go for the side with serrations on the key.

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Step 2: Smooth the area where the shackle will be removed.

Because it is the side with the pins, you will need to grind until you see the pins and they fall out.

Step 3: Remove the padlock.

Your lock is no longer linked to any password. All you have to do is find a flat object that will fit through the keyhole. The shackle will fall off if you twist slightly in this position. So now you know how to open master lock without key.

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