Here is a fun fact for you! Did you know that the art of being an emcee has been around for decades? In fact, the term “emcee” first originated during the rise of hip hop!

Back in the day, they would call the person who was responsible for speaking to the audience during a DJ performance the “Master of Ceremony”, and shortened that up to call them an “MC”.

This role soon grow and soon being an emcee became an iconic role that played a pivotal role in helping keep crowds engaged, entertained, and excited.

But emcees are not just reserved for hip-hop musical performances. In fact, they are now synonymous with the role of an event host too!

Whether it is a family reunion, a wedding, or a birthday, every event needs an emcee!

The success of an event really relies on having a dedicated emcee be responsible for reading the room, keeping the energy alive, and ultimately ensuring that the event is a whopping success.

It takes a special type of person to be a successful emcee. So if you do not have anyone in your immediate circle who has the personality and confidence to drive a vibe, then it may be worth considering hiring an emcee instead.

What an Emcee Can Do for You

Organizing an event takes a lot of work. You are likely already being pulled into a million different directions. So having a dedicated emcee helps you have to think about one less thing and have the confidence that the crowd or guests will be well looked after.

An emcee is a guru at setting the tone of an event—whether it is professional or personal. They are also the designated timekeeper and make sure that the entire program goes to schedule and that there are equally as few interruptions or hiccups to the even schedule as possible.

Top Ways an Emcee Can Help You

To further drive home our point of why an emcee is so important for every event and how to know if you probably need one too, we have rounded up all the skillsets they can provide you with. 

1. They Can Welcome Guests

An emcee will be able to help you establish when an event is starting and provide the energetic welcome that gets your guests excited. A great emcee will ensure that everyone has a wonderful first impression and feels welcomed. This first impression will really set the tone for the rest of your event—whether you have a dozen people or a few hundred people in attendance

2. Drive the Energy of the Event

Another great thing that emcees will be able to help you with is ensuring that your event is never lacking in positive energy. While you worry about managing the millions of other things on your list, the emcee will be able to read the room and know when a burst of energy needs to be put back into the room.  At the end of the day, the more energy there is the less bored people will be and the more successful your event will be! 

3. Manages Your Run Sheet

Many events have run sheets, which indicate when various parts of the event are scheduled to happen. Whether it is a concert or a wedding, a run sheet is what all event workers follow to also know when and where to do their own roles. The emcee manages the run sheet and can help speed things up or slow things down so that the event sticks as closely to the run sheet as possible. 

4. Introduces Other Speakers

The emcee is also really important for managing the flow and introduction of various speakers. They will introduce who is speaking on stage, and why they are speaking, and get the crowd excited to listen. It would feel quite weird and random if a speaker just walks on stage without an introduction or transition component.

5. Provides Entertainment

Another crucial factor that an emcee can bring to your event is the entertainment factor! Often the best emcees are also comedians or musicians and can perform various acts throughout the event for you too. This is often an important way in which they are able to keep the crowds engaged and entertained. It is also a huge cost saver, as you will pay for one emcee but get a bonus performer on top of it all too! 

6. Creates a Party Atmosphere

Another important role that emcees take on for various events is actually getting the party started. Once the formalities are over, they will be able to hype up the music and get people out on the dance floor for the rest of the evening!


There are so many benefits you can get from having an emcee hosting your next event!

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