Install Whatsapp On Desktop

The first problem you’ll face while installing WhatsApp for PC is that it is not available for PC. Since they don’t have an app for PC platforms. but there are many ways to install WhatsApp for desktop and here are few ways to install Whatsapp On Desktop.

Install Whatsapp On Desktop using Bluestacks

First, before going to the installation part of WhatsApp for desktop, know something about Bluestacks. Bluestacks app player is an android emulator software that is made to run any types of android files or apk on the computer without any problem. So the idea is to use the bluestacks player HD for your pc and install WhatsApp desktop in it. Basically, the bluestacks is supported on Windows as well as OS X and requires a minimum of  2GB of RAM and 1GB of graphic card minimum to run Bluestacks and install WhatsApp for desktop. And here’s how to install bluestacks for PC:

(1) Download the Bluestacks HD app player using the official link:

(2) Install the Bluestacks HD app player

(3) Once installed, go to search and search for WhatsApp messenger.

(4) Once installed, go to My apps to the left corner of your screen and click on the WhatsApp icon.

(5) Once you have gone there, verify it and you’re good to go.

That’s it this is one of the ways and the installation process is almost the same for every other software too.

How To Use Whatsapp On Desktop PC Using The Web Method:

(1) Go to

(2) Open Whatsapp on your mobile and tap on the right corner or settings. And you will see a dropdown that shows an option for Whatsapp web.

(3)Tap on that option and the camera will open up.

(4)Scan the QR code which can be seen in the WhatsApp web link provided above.

(5)That’s it. You’re good to go!

Alternate Methods Available To Install WhatsApp For Desktop:

(1) Andyroid or Andy emulator

(2) YouWave


Problems Faced While Installing WhatsApp For Desktop:

There are many problems that can be faced and those are something that drives crazy about the WhatsApp desktop. The first thing is that you’d have to download 10 or 20 times the size of the Whatsapp app itself while installing the Whatsapp for desktop since it is not available for windows or desktop or OS X. But it’s worth it since many of the android apps can be run on any platform. Not just Whatsapp but everything else available in the android world!

That is all about all the ways to download Whatsapp For Desktop. Just follow any of the methods explained above and enjoy Whatsapp On Your Big Desktop Screen.

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