Instagram is a great way to get in touch with the world nowadays. Whether you are an influencer and a trendsetter or want to promote your website and product, this great social media platform has your back. You can very easily reach and influence people across continents. But there is a hitch, you need followers to be successful on Instagram. And followers are sometimes not that easy to come by if you do not have the slightest clue of what you have to do. Luckily for you, there are many ways and tricks that you can use to gain more followers.

1. Improve your profile bio

If you’re trying to promote your content, site, or business through Instagram, you have to optimize your bio accordingly. Your bio should contain the following:

  • A concise but clear-cut description of your personality and your work
  • A prompting statement like contact us, read more, etc.
  • An in-bio link is especially useful if you promote your website or business.
  • A cool and catchy brand #hashtag for your brand

2. Time your posts on Instagram

There is no best time to post to your account. But there is always an ideal time when you can reach a larger audience by doing these things:

  • Check the “Insights” option on your profile. Here you can see the most active times of your audience. You can easily schedule your posts accordingly.
  • Sometimes, the content also dictates the appropriate time for posting. Posting a cooking recipe during work hours might not get you as much traffic as posting it after work hours.
  • You can also employ the “trial and error” technique to find the best times for reaching your target audience.

3. Post regularly

Never take long breaks between your posts. According to a 2022 study, many industries and businesses share 4 Instagram posts in a week. But make sure to post at least once a day. But that does not mean compromising the quality of your content. Share quality content consistently, and Insta’s algorithm will more likely show your post at the top of your followers’ feeds.

4. Make shareable content

As I said, posting regularly is not the only thing. Your content should also be of high quality. Make fresh and high-quality content that your audience can share ahead. You should also experiment with your content (discussed in point 6)

5. Make the algorithm work for you.

The Instagram feed has changed from chronological to a ranked timeline. This algorithm change confused a lot of regular Insta users. But you can make it work for you if you know the basics of how it works. 

The following factors are considered when determining which posts to show on the top of a consumer’s feed:

  1. Interests of the person based on their previous activity
  2. The frequency of a person’s app usage, plus how much time is spent on Instagram
  3. The accounts that the person follows and engages with regularly.
  4. The type of posts from the accounts that the person follows
  5. And lastly, how recent your post is

You can ensure a high following if you effectively exploit these factors to your advantage.

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6. Mix it up a little with content type and format

Use the different content posting features, like Reels or IGTV, that Instagram offers to gain a wide follower range. Instagram tracks which content type is most liked by a person and boosts it up to the top of his feed. Experiment with different features and see which one helps you the best in the promotion of your content.

  • Instagram TV (IGTV) allows you to make videos for as long as 1 hour. Its icon also appears 4 times larger on explore pages.
  • Instagram Reels allows you to make short, snappy looping videos. This is one of the newest features on Instagram. The advantage is that the Reels feed shows the viewers content from the users that they follow and from users they don’t follow.
  • Although short-lived (24 hours), Instagram Stories still attract the interested audience to your content, like adding links to gain traffic for your website or blog.
  • Carousel posts are a series of images and short videos in a single post. They have one of the highest engagement rates by the audience. You can use these posts effectively as a teaser to your vlog or blog posts elsewhere on the internet.

7. Connect with your followers

Posting great content is important, but it is also necessary to have open communication with your followers and audience. Your followers are the ones that can make or break your profile. Engaging them with a positive attitude can do wonders for your Insta account. In addition to replying to your audience on your posts, you can also open new conversations by posting questions in your future content or asking them to tag family and friends.

8. Employ #hashtags to your advantage

Use them! I mean, seriously, hashtags are a pivotal part of Instagram. With the right hashtags in your post, you can cast a very wide net to catch some new followers. That is because some people use hashtags to search. They act as keywords on social media platforms and can garner a lot of traffic to your content.

9. Don’t forget the power of a great caption

Captions are like the window to the soul of your content. If you post a great photo or video and don’t support it with a good caption, your hard work might not pay off well. The caption length can depend on your content. It could range from a small, catchy, and funny caption to a longer, more thoughtful one depending on what you are posting.

10. Enhance growth with professional help

Many sites and services can provide you with the necessary boost you need for your account, like Superviral USA. This is the best online platform for Instagram growth that can boost your account by bringing active followers to your content and bringing your profile to the limelight as fast as possible.

11. Backlink your account from other sites

You do not have to sit tight and pray that people find your Instagram by random chance. Promote your account from other sites and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, your personal blog or website, etc. Add a link to your Insta account in 

  • the bios of your other social media accounts
  • the email signature or footer
  • social media posts


In short, if you use the above-mentioned tricks and tips effectively, you will surely start to gain more and more followers on Instagram. But keep in mind that you have to be patient, as not everyone gains millions of followers overnight. It might take some time for you to start gaining followers, but with careful application of the tricks and tactics discussed above, you will see positive growth in your following with the passage of time.

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