How to find a Job Abroad

A lot of people now searching for a suitable job with high wages and nice development, but most of them can not find it in their countries, otherwise, they are not satisfied with the conditions or salary, so most go abroad. If you are one of these people, let us help you with information about getting a job abroad.

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How to find a job abroad?

We can identify the following main stages of the employment process for work abroad:

          registration of a foreign passport;

          Search for a reliable company for employment abroad;

          choosing the country and field in which you want to work;

          obtaining a work visa (it is possible to work legally in some countries without a visa, but not everywhere. Having a visa will open many more opportunities);

          purchase of a compulsory insurance policy for work abroad;

          ticket purchase;

          going to work.

Types of required work visas:

  1.     seasonal in the 240/360 mode. This type of visa is required for seasonal work;
  2.     off-season in the 180/360 mode;
  3.     at the voivodship’s invitation.

Each of these visas is opened on the basis of an invitation to work and it all depends on the place you have chosen (we just provide you with basic facts).

Where to look for a job?

It doesn’t matter are you a freshman, confident middle-class employee with higher education, or maybe a retiree – you will definitely be able to find jobs abroad on our site Layboard. This process is not fast. You will need to send your resumes to the human resources departments of the companies you are interested in. For those who have problems with the language of the country, they are going to, finding everything they need will be not only long but also difficult.

Plus, you will communicate directly with the employer, but the responsibility for who you work for will also be on you. But trust us, if you take this issue seriously and responsibly, you will definitely come across a great employer and we assure you that our site is very conveniently arranged and the best vacancies are collected here.

What are the best professions abroad to get?

  1.     Building sphere (masons, plasterers, handymen);
  2.     services (hairdressers, manicurists, salesmen, make-up artists, waiters);
  3.     industry (packers);
  4.     agricultural industry (seasonal workers, tractor drivers, engineers, vegetable and fruit pickers);
  5.     medicine;
  6.     education;
  7.     IT sphere;
  8.     Transport transportation (truckers, drivers);
  9.     Care for children and the elderly (nannies, caregivers).

What should you know about employment abroad?

When looking for an employment intermediary, you need to pay special attention to the presence of a license in the company. If necessary, the decent agency provides documents confirming the legality of the activity.

Do not give originals of identity documents. The legal employer only needs a copy of your passport, the original will be needed to present to the border guards.

Examine the contract carefully. It must be translated into your native language, and every working condition and duty must be deciphered. It is not allowed to sign blank sheets and double employment contracts with lower salaries, additional responsibilities not specified in advance.

If you are staying for more than three months, get registered at the consulate upon arrival in the country. This will help keep track of your movements.

Contact your employer before leaving. Having information about the company, contact phone numbers, you can find out if they are waiting for the employee on these dates.

The main legal document that protects an employee is an employment contract. Before signing a contract, it is necessary to thoroughly study the type, nature of work, duration, skills, and responsibilities of the employee. The document also prescribes force majeure, additional payments, and services.

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