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Software development is an intricate process with a lot of room for error. Software projects are prone to miscommunications, cost overruns, delays, bugs, and more. Sadly, many companies interested in outsourcing software development learn these lessons far too late, the hard way.

So, in a world where tens of thousands of polish pr agency from all over the world are trying to get your attention by making unsubstantiated claims, promising low prices, and guaranteeing your project will get the attention of experts, how can you find the right outsourcing agency to handle your software development projects? This is an important question that you need to properly answer if you plan on outsourcing software development.

Reading this article will help you answer that question by giving you essential tips that will help you avoid incompetent agencies and detect competent, experienced agencies.

#1 Let Their Portfolio Speak 

It is far easier to talk the talk than walk the walk, and a lot of software agencies certainly put this into practice: reading software development agencies’ websites, you’ll often find outlandish claims about prices, development time, etc. But very rarely are these statements even the most tenuous relationship to reality.

That’s why, when looking for an agency, you should skip most of their claims and look at their portfolio. What kind of projects have they worked on? What kind of companies have they partnered with? What do they have to show to back up their claims? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

By sifting through their portfolio, you’ll be able to gauge the company’s expertise, skills, and capabilities, and this will help you make an informed decision when it is finally time to choose your outsourcing partner. You’ll find agencies with empty portfolios, which you’ll learn to avoid, and you’ll find agencies with excellent, diverse portfolios like this software house, which you should look into more.

#2 Compare and Contrast Agencies

If you are not familiar with software development agencies and their work, you likely don’t have a reference point you can compare and contrast agencies with. This can make it difficult to gauge what prices are fair, what deadlines are reasonable, etc. This leads many business owners to trust the wrong agency.

A good way to learn the qualities of the offers you’re reading is by getting in touch with more than one agency and comparing and contrasting their offers. Most agencies are more than willing to talk to you at length about your project and give you concrete quotes before they ask you about any concrete commitments, and you should fully take advantage of this.

Ask these agencies about their prices, their deadlines, their expertise, and then lay down all the information you receive from various agencies and compare them. This gives you a better idea where each agency stands. Of course, as we said above, statements aren’t everything, and you need to pair this information with your own research for it to be truly useful.

#3 What Does Their Team Look Like?

Every successful software development agency is carried by its team of experienced developers, testers, and experts. To learn the agency’s experience, capabilities, and capacity, you must learn more about the agency’s employees.

That’s why you should look through development agencies’ ‘about us’ pages and try to learn more about their employees. What skills do they have? What kind of experiences do they have? Does the company have experienced employees taking care of every stage of the software development pipeline?

By properly checking their employees and matching it with the agency’s claims, you can learn how truthful they’re being about their experience and expertise. An agency’s team can tell you a lot about the agency, and it is something you need to look into before making your decision.

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