how much does a flat screen tv cost

How much does the average flat screen TV cost: Television fix costs somewhere in the range of $60 and $350 with most burning through $207 on normal for LCD, LED, plasma, and 4K TVs; costs are higher if fixing more established DLP, projection, and HD TVs.

TV Repair Cost.
National Average Cost $207
Maximum Cost $350
Average Range $84 to $300


How much does the average flat screen TV cost New TV?

40- or 50-inch flat-screen will cost several hundred dollars, while larger 60- or 70-inch flat screens cost close to $1,000 or more. A weatherproof, outdoor television is an option if you want to watch movies or sports in your backyard, but these sets are among the most expensive.

How much does the average flat screen TV cost to fix?

On the average flat-screen TV, repair of a cracked screen is one of the highest-cost repairs. Usually, on all but the biggest screens, it is more than the cost of a replacement TV. The screen of a larger TV costs more to replace, but the TVs themselves are higher-priced as well, so it may still work to your advantage.

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How much does the average flat screen TV cost Average TV

Most TVs in the U.S. sell for around $400 to $500, according to Paul Gagnon, the director of TV Sets Research for IHS Markit. “If someone is looking at spending $500, probably a 55-inch [set] is the upper limit in terms of screen size, and would exclude most 4K sets at larger sizes,” Gagnon said.

Related Questions How much does the average flat screen TV cost

  1. Question: Can a screen be fixed on a flat-screen TV?
    Answer: Yes, you can usually fix a flat-screen TV. Whether you have a plasma, LED, OLED, HDR, HD, or even LCD, TV repair pros can repair your TV.
  2. Question: How do you fix a broken LCD screen?

    Attempt to fix spiderweb cracks or black splotches.
    1. Run a soft cloth or another object over the screen. If you feel any broken glass, do not attempt repair.
    2. Rub the scratch with a clean eraser, as gently as you can.
    3. Purchase an LCD scratch repair kit.
    4. Read this article for more homemade solutions.


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