How Much Does It Cost To Pierce Your Ears

How much does it cost to pierce your ears? We live in a world where fashion predominates comfort. People consider fashion as their blood and muscle. Piercing is one such enticement. Ear piercing is generally a painful process of making a hole in the ear lobe to hang a piece of jewelry in there. So, how much does it cost to pierce your ears? 

Piercing, however painful it is people still opt for it. Well, the price of piercing depends on various factors such as the number of holes and types of piercing. To get a deep insight on types of ear piercing and how much does it cost to pierce your ears, continue reading. 

Types and cost of ear piercing:

Piercing in recent times has become such a huge business with rising temptations about fashion among the teenage populace. The limitations for the number of holes to be pierced are unavailable. Now let us discuss the types and how much does it cost to pierce your ears.

Forward Helix

This type of piercing is positioned in the lower down the ear, near the bottom of the helix shape. Studs are some of the trendy jewelry for this piercing. This type of piercing starts with a price range of $28. 

Vertical lobe

In this piercing method, two studs will be placed one above the other. 2019 was the monumental year for this type. The price starts from $17 for each hole.

Upper lobe

Perfect for a minute and small piercing. The answer for how much does it cost to pierce your ears begins from $17. 


Positions at the top of the ear cartilage. The price starts from $23. 


This type requires two holes diagonally opposite to each other, where both are in outer cartilage. The most painful piercing method does not compromise in cost either starting from $34. 


Here piercing is done in the middle portion of the ear, which is why this type is the second most painful. The price begins at $28.


This piercing method is done in the innermost part of the ear. Peculiarly, this type mitigates grave headaches and migraines. The toll starts from $28.


Rook is also referred to as ridge, which positions above the daith. The better choice of jewelry for this rook is a curved barbell. The price range starts from $28.


Just above the ear canal, sits the tragus and the toll begins from $28.


As the name says, anti-tragus sits opposite the tragus but the price range is the same as Tragus. 


With the same price range, it sits slightly above Anti-Tragus. 

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